Working Group on Space-Based Lidar Winds
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Below is an Acrobat version of a paper entitled
DWL Whitepaper 08-17-06 - W. Baker, M. Hardesty, R. Atlas, A. Clement, G.D. Emmitt, R. Fulton, B. Gentry, R. Kakar, M. Kavaya, S. Mango, K. Miller, D. Pawlak, J. Pereira, J. Yoe.

Winds from Space - DWL papers submitted to the National Research Council's Decadal Survey on Earth Sciences and Applications from Space, May 2005. These three papers are Acrobat (pdf) files.
Providing Global Wind Profiles - The Missing Link in Today's Oserving System - M. Hardesty, W. Baker, G.D. Emmitt, B. Gentry, I. Guch, M. Kavaya, S. Mango, K. Miller, G. Schwemmer, and J. Yoe.
Space-based Doppler Winds LIDAR: A Vital National Need - P. Hays, M. Dehring, L. Fisk, P. Tchoryk, I. Dors, J. Ryan, J. Wang, M. Hardesty, B. Gentry, and F. Hovis.
Improved Weather Prediction, Climate Understanding, and Weather Hazard Mitigation through Global Profiling of Horizontal Winds with a Pulsed Doppler Lidar System - M.J. Kavaya, U.N. Singh, F.Amzajerdian, G.J. Koch, and J. Yu.

Below is a PowerPoint file of a DWL Mission Definition Team briefing entitled
NPOESS P3I Space Demonstration of 3D Wind Observations Using Doppler Wind Lidar (DWL).

Below is an Acrobat version of a paper from J. Yoe entitled
GTWS Science and Operational Wind Data Product Requirements (Under Conditions of Nominal Cloud Coverage).

Below is an Acrobat version of a paper by Cordes and Flanagan entitled
Economic benefits and costs of developing and deploying a space-based wind LIDAR.