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What's the Meta with your Data?

Anju Shah(1), Ted Habermann (2,3) Anna Milan(2), Richard Fozzard (1), David Neufeld (1),John Kozimor (1), Martin Aubrey (1)

(1) CIRES, (2) NOAA NGDC, (3) The HDF Group

You want your grandchildren to be able to use the data you gathered today? Or even the data your grandparents gathered long ago? Well, NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) Enterprise Metadata Systems (EMS) group has developed many tools to support the international dataset documentation standards. Our tools support conversion, creation, management and publication of metadata records for the nation’s ocean, earth and space weather data archives.

* Convert existing metadata formats, such as NCML and FGDC, into ISO 19115-2
* Measure completeness and quality of metadata content
* Diagnostic reports and visualization of the metadata metrics over time
* Customizable display, publication and search interfaces for the end users.
* Metadata hosting using Web Accessible Folders and Geoportal

Our group provides community support to scientists and data managers in using the metadata standards to provide high quality documentation for understanding, discovery and archive.