Web Page for the Third (Oct. 2001) Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS) Users' Meeting

This page is part of the Aerosol MS web pages, and is maintained by Jose-Luis Jimenez

  1. Objectives of the Meeting
  2. The purpose of this meeting is to bring together the different users of the Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS) to get to know each other and to share our experiences about the operation, results, and problems with the instrument. We have found in the two previous meetings that this interaction is extremely useful to ensure a consistent operation of the instrument and to address possible problems early on.

    The people who should attend this meeting are the people who will actually be using the instrument and analyzing the data produced, since most of the discussions will be very detailed.

  3. Organizers
  4. This user's meeting is jointly organized by Jose L. Jimenez and Manjula Canagaratna. Please email both of us if you are interested on attending.

  5. Dates
  6. The Users' meeting will take place at Aerodyne Research (near Boston) just after the AAAR Annual Meeting:

  7. Hotel
  8. We have reserved a block of 15 rooms (10 doubles and 5 singles) at the Battle Green Motor Inn in Lexington, (781) 862-6100. The rate is $89 a night irrespective of whether room is a double or single. The rooms are reserved for dates Oct 11-16 just in case there are people who come a little earlier or leave later. Room rates will be same if a few more days are added to either side for any individual reservation with notice. The block and price can be held till Sep 15. Cancellation after this date will have a penalty. Reservations should be made by calling the hotel directly and asking for the rooms and price blocked under the name "Aerodyne Research". Please send an email to Manjula when you make the reservation, so that she can increase the size of the room block if needed.

    People who want to share a room, but don't have a roommate should also email Manjula soon. She will compile a list of the people interested (with emails and phone numbers) and email it to the users list, so that they can contact each other and organize the sharing?

  9. Transportation between the Hotel and Aerodyne
  10. There is a ~10-15 min. drive between the hotel and Aerodyne. Users are encouraged to share rental cars to minimize the cost.

  11. Preliminary List of Attendees
  12. (Total: 20 sure + 2 possible)

  13. Feedback on Last Meeting

  14. Preliminary Program in PDF

  15. Please email Jose if there are other topics you would like to discuss at the meeting.