Web Page for the Fourth Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS) Users' Meeting

This page is part of the Aerosol MS web pages, and is maintained by Jose-Luis Jimenez

  1. Objectives of the Meeting
  2. The objective of this meeting is to bring together the different users of the Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS) with the purposes of: 1) getting to know each other; 2) sharing our experiences about the operation, results, and problems with the instrument; 3) motivating collaborations between the different groups; 4) being aware of what other groups are doing to avoid repeating work and to address common issues in a coordinated way. We have found in the three previous meetings that this interaction is extremely useful. Several people have commented that these meetings have been the most effective meetings they have ever been to!

    The AMS Users' Group is unusual in the extent of collaboration (rather than competition) between the different research groups. This spirit of collaboration has propelled us to make much faster progress as compared to groups of similar size dealing with similar instrumentation.

    The people who should attend this meeting are the people who will actually be using the instrument and analyzing the data produced, since most of the discussions will be very detailed.

  3. Organizers
  4. This user's meeting is jointly organized by Jose-Luis Jimenez of CU Boulder and Tim Onasch of Aerodyne. Please email both of us if you are interested on attending, or if you have any other questions.

  5. Dates
  6. The Users' meeting will take place at Caltech (in Pasadena, very close to Anaheim) just after the AAAR Annual Meeting

  7. Hotel for the AMS Users' Meeting
  8. (Note that the meeting dates are Fri. Oct. 24 to Mon. Oct. 27)

    For the AMS Users' meeting, we recommend the Saga Motor Inn [1-800-793-7242] in Pasadena. Two points:

    If the Saga Inn has filled up by the time you call them, here is another option (noisier but otherwise OK):

    There are also several more luxurious hotels within a 10 minute drive from the Cal Tech campus. The two listed here are in no special order.

  9. Hotel for the AAAR Meeting
  10. The AAAR meeting will take place at the Hilton Anaheim and the rate there is $125 for single/double.

    The Anaheim Desert Palm Hotel is close (< 0.5 miles, you can see the map on Expedia) and is cheaper. The rates are $55 for a double and $100 for a room with 4 queen beds (tell them that Expedia offers those rates and you want them to match them). If you don't mind sharing a room, the later can be a great option. Details at: http://www.anaheimdesertpalm.com/

  11. Preliminary List of Attendees

  12. We expect about 50 attendees at the 4th users' meeting (Oct. 2003), upwards from the 41 attendees of the 3rd users' meeting (Oct. 2002). Tim has compiled this Excel worksheet with the preliminary attendee list. At least 6 countries and 15 research groups will be represented at the meeting.

  13. Info on Previous AMS Users' Meetings