Past J-Group Photos

Picture Year Group Members (left to right)
Group Dec 2018 Back row (left to right): Dave, Jose, Ben
2nd row: Duseong, Pedro, Demetrios
3rd row: Anne, Zhe, Derek
Front row: Hongyu, Wyatt, Doug, Xiaoxi
Not pictured: Julia, Kang, Mindy, Donna, Harald
Group July 2018 Back row (left to right): Donna, Harald, Zhe, Pedro
2nd row: Jason, Mindy, Xiaoxi, Wyatt, Ben, Anne
3rd row: Derek, Jose, Doug, Duseong
Front row: Hongyu, Dave
Not pictured: Julia
Group September 2017 Back row (left to right): Derek, Harald, Julia, Ben
Next row down: Zhe, Anne, Jose
Front row: Duseong, Doug, Xiaoxi, Weiwei, Dave
Not pictured: Kang, Ben, Pedro, Jason, Donna
Group January 2017 Back row (left to right): Harald, Doug, Jose, Jason, Jordan, Xiaoxi
Next row down: Donna, Anne, Brett
Front row: Weiwei, Ranajit, Zhe
Not pictured: Dave, Derek, Kang, Ben, Pedro
Group October 2016 Back row (left to right): Harald, Zhe, David, Kang, Ranajit
Next row down: Donna, Pedro, Ben, Anne
Next row down: Jason, Jordan, Julia, Brett, Jose
Front row: Doug, Weiwei
Group November 2013 Top to Bottom on all stairs
Left Stairs:Ingrid Ulbrich, Wei Wei Hu, Samantha Thompson, Amber Ortega
Middle Stairs: Brett Palm, Pedro Campuzano-Jost, Doug Day, Jordan Krechmer
Right Stairs: Jose Jimenez, David Thompson, Michael Lechner
Missing from this Picture:Joel Kimmel, Art Braundmeier, Donna Sueper
Pic by David Oonk, CIRES
Group July 2013 Left to Right on all stairs
Top Stairs:Doug Day, Patrick Hayes, Amber Ortega
Middle Stairs: Demetrios Pagonis, Donna Sueper, Reddy Yatavelli, Wei Wei Hu
Right Stairs: Brett Palm, Harald Stark, Jose Jimenez
Missing from this Picture:Joel Kimmel, Art Braundmeier, Michael Lechner,
Samantha Thompson, Pedro Campuzano-Jost, Ingrid Ulbrich
Group March 2012 Top - Bottom on all stairs
Left Stairs:Harald Stark, Doug Day, Michael Lechner, Reddy Yatavelli, Donna Sueper
Middle Stairs: Patrick Hayes, Pedro Campuzano-Jost, Brett Palm, and Jose-Luis Jimenez
Right Stairs: Sam Thompson, Anna Ripoll Roca, Rui Li, Amber Ortega, Ingrid Ulbrich
Missing from this Picture:Joel Kimmel, Art Braundmeier
Group April 2011 Top Row:Doug Day, Delphine Farmer, Jose-Luis Jimenez, Donna Sueper, Amber Ortega, Brett Palm, Harald Stark
Bottom Row: Patrick Hayes, Pedro Campuzano-Jost, Reddy Yatavelli, and Ingrid Ulbrich
Missing from this Picture: Michael Lechner, Joel Kimmel, Art Braundmeier
Group January 2009 Top Row: Mike Cubison, Michael Lechner, Amber Ortega, Ingrid Ulbrich, Ken Docherty, and Jose-Luis Jimenez
Bottom Row: Sanna Saarikoski, Delphine Farmer, Carly Robinson, and Joel Kimmel
Missing from this Picture: Katja Dzepina, Donna Sueper
Group September 2007 Top Row: Allison Aiken, Delphine Farmer, Ingrid Ulbrich, Donna Sueper, Joel Kimmel, and Mike Cubison
Bottom Row: Pete DeCarlo, Ken Docherty, Alex Huffman, Jose-Luis Jimenez, and Katja Dzepina.
Group Winter 2005 Qi Zhang, Joel Kimmel, Ed Dunlea, Pete DeCarlo, Allison Aiken, Katja Dzepina.
Group October 2004 Top Row:Katja Dzepina, Ingrid Ulbrich, Alex Huffman, Ed Dunlea, and Matt Dunn
Bottom Row: Carlos Gallar, Jose-Luis Jimenez, Pete Decarlo, Allison Aiken, and Qi Zhang.