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  • This is the page for the Front Range Aerosol Community (FRAC) meetings. FRAC meetings are organized twice per year and aim to bring together aerosol researchers across the Colorado Front Range. They were started by Jim Smith of NCAR in 2002 as the "NCAR Aerosol Program (NAP)", and later the name was changed to reflect the expanded participation.
  • FRAC meetings are announced through the email list. Pls contact if you want to be added to the list.

Past Meeting: Thu Nov. 12, 2009 @ 3:30 pm, NCAR

Location: NCAR Foothills Lab Building 2, Room 1001 (Map to NCAR)


  • Speaker: Allen Robinson, Professor, Departments of Mechanical Engineering, and Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Title: "The dynamic duo: the adventures of partitioning and aging in the Carnegie Mellon Smog Chamber"
  • Abstract: This talk will highlight recent results on the interplay of partitioning and aging, including: 1. multigenerational chemistry; 2. phase mixing; 3. pumping of SVOCs

Poster Session

Following Allen's 35-40-minute talk there will be a wine-and-cheese reception and poster session with the following posters:

  • "Measuring Mass Concentrations of Urban and Rural Coarse Particulate Matter in Northeastern Colorado using Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalances (TEOM)", Nicholas Clements et al., (presented by Ricardo Piedrahita, University of Colorado).
  • "Fast Observations of Aerosol Chemical Properties with Various Online Instruments", Sanna Saarikoski et al., University of Colorado
  • "Developing and Testing Prototype Compact Denuders for Ambient Air Sampling Applications", Misha Schurman et al., Colorado State University
  • "Aerosol Number and Volume Concentrations During the Second Rocky Mountain Atmospheric Nitrogen and Sulfur Study (RoMANS 2)", Ezra Levin et al., Colorado State University
  • "Anti-Iced Heated Inlets for Airborne Sampling ", Dave Rogers et al., NCAR.

Previous Meetings (for Reference)

  • May 6, 2009: Daven Henze, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder
  • Nov. 8, 2007: Rainer Volkamer, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder, "Uncertainties in atmospheric oxidant fields and SOA precursor gases - an ATMOS spec lab perspective"
  • Mar 2., 2007: Chuck Brock, NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, "Secondary Aerosol Formation in Plumes Transported from the East Coast of the United States"
  • Feb. 13, 2006: Graham Feingold, NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, "Surface-Based Remote Sensing of Aerosol and Aerosol-Cloud Interactions"
  • Apr 14, 2005: Mike Hannigan, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder, “The Air Quality Timeline”
  • Feb 25, 2005, Natalie Mahowald, NCAR, "Transport and Impacts of Dust"
  • Apr 29, 2004: Chuck Wilson, Univ. of Denver
  • Jan 21, 2004: Mark Hernandez, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder, "Bioaerosol Characterization Methods: Information Yields and Resolution Limits"
  • May 5, 2003: Daniel Murphy, NOAA ESRL, "Sampling Single Particles Through a Counterflow Virtual Impactor"
  • Jan 15, 2003: John Ogren, NOAA ESRL, "Methods for Determining Aerosol Light Absorption"
  • Oct 24, 2002: Jose-Luis Jimenez, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder, "New Particle Formation from the Photo-Oxidation Products of Alkyl Halides"
  • Jun 4, 2002: Brian Toon, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder, "The Indirect Effect of Aerosols and the Upcoming CRYSTAL/FACE Mission"