New seminar series from CIRES and ATOC: Reading the IPCC report

Ever wonder what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report says? Learn more on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons this fall during a seminar series by IPCC authors and contributors. This fall’s focus is on Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis (Working Group I’s contribution to the IPCC 5th Assessment Report). Seminars will be webcast as possible. Please see chart below for links to webinar registration

Day & Date IPCC Chapter Speaker
Th Aug 28, 2-3:15pm Policymakers/Technical summaries (webinar link) (no recording available) (slides) Jerry Meehl
Tu Sept. 2, 2-3:15pm Ch. 1: Introduction (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) Linda Mearns
Tu Sept 9, 2-3:15pm Ch. 2: Observations: Atmosphere & Surface (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) Owen Cooper
Tu Sept 16, 2-3:15pm Ch. 3: Observations: Ocean (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) Mike Alexander
Tu Sept 23, 2-3:15pm Ch. 5: Information from Paleoclimate Archives (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) Bette Otto-Bliesner
Tu Sept 30, 2-3:15pm Ch. 11: Near Term Climate Change (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) Marika Holland
Th Oct 9, 2-3:15pm Ch. 6: Carbon and other Biogeochemical Cycles (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) Pieter Tans
Tu Oct 14, 2-3:15pm Ch. 7: Clouds and Aerosols (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) Dave Randall
Tu Oct 21, 2-3:15pm Ch. 8: Anthropogenic and Natural Forcing (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) J.F. Lamarque
Tu Oct 28, 2-3:15pm Ch. 12: Long Term Climate Change (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) John Fasullo
Tu Nov 4, 2-3:15pm Ch. 10: Detection and Attribution of Climate Change: From Global to Regional (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) Judith Perlwitz
Tu Nov. 11, 2-3:15pm Ch. 4: Observations: Cryosphere (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) Tad Pfeffer
Tu Nov 18, 2-3:15pm Ch. 9: Evaluation of Climate Models (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) Clara Deser
Tu Dec. 2, 2-3:15pm Ch. 13: Sea Level Change (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides) Steve Nerem
Tu Dec 9, 2-3:15pm

Ch. 14: Climate Phenomena and their Relevance for Future Regional Climate Change (webinar link) (recorded seminar) (slides)

Kevin Trenberth