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Clouds Over Greenland

In Search of Clouds Over Greenland

At 10,000 feet high in the middle of the Greenland Ice Sheet, blog author Matthew Shupe and colleagues install a powerful suite of weather instruments to better understand how clouds contribute to rapid warming and melting in the region. Follow Shupe as he writes from the field. »

Utah Ozone

Air Quality Study in Utah Blog

CIRES and NOAA have published a video about what we are trying to achieve in Utah's Uintah Basin. Ozone pollution is a health concern. We'd like to understand exactly why it forms in high levels at times in the winter (ozone is more typically thought of as a summertime air pollutant, in big cities with lots of traffic). Visit the blog »

McMurdo, Antarctica Lidar Install

McMurdo, Antarctica Lidar Install

An award from NSF's Office of Polar Programs is funding the Chu research group to deploy a Fe Boltzmann lidar to McMurdo, Antarctica to measure the middle and upper atmosphere for three years. Ultimately this project will complete an observational chain for Antarctica in combination with previous lidar measurements made at the South Pole and Rothera, Antarctica. Visit the McMurdo, Antarctica Lidar Install Blog »

Traveling Dog Team

Photo Contest Winners 2014

The CIRES photo contest has concluded and the winners have been selected. There were 205 photos submitted and choosing these winners out of so many wonderful images was difficult. View the slideshow. »


Trout Bowl 2011

Ten teams competed for the opportunity to advance to the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB). Poudre High School won the event. View the slideshow. »

hybrid poplars

Poplar Hybrids and VOCs

CIRES brings science and scientists to the classroom. View the slideshow. »

airplane hanger

Equipping the CalNex mission

A major study of the nexus of air quality and climate change in California. View the slideshow. »

field site on the LarsenC ice shelf in Greenland

LarsenC Ice Shelf

This project monitors changes in ice shelf stability on Larsen C, the largest remaining ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula. View the slideshow. »

spheres water issue cover

Water Edition 2009

Flood Theroy, Water Law, Studying Water from Space, and more. Read the stories. »

spheres outreach cover

Outreach Edition 2010

CIRES brings science and scientists to the classroom. Read the stories. »

spheres ecology issue cover

Ecology Edition 2010

Pine Beetle Epidemic, Coral Bleaching, Bacertial Fingerprints, and more. Read the stories. »

spheres snow and ice cover

Snow & Ice Edition 2011

Permafrost, Inuit Knowledge, Dust-covered Snow, and more. Read the stories. »

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Testing Waters

CIRES Science in Action: Testing the Waters

CIRES researchers take to the ice to test water quality and assist the U.S. EPA in gathering samples that will be analyzed for pharmaceuticals. View the panorama. »

Fierer Lab

Fierer Lab

Where scientists figure out what's up with microbes. View the panorama. »