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13 January, 2010 M 7.0 Earthquake Southern Haiti

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Recent large earthquakes (of last 20 globally)

Source: U.S. Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center

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Zooms available include North, Central, and South America, Hawaii, and Europe plus some limited zooms elsewhere through the GEOSCOPE maps (which cover larger earthquakes over a longer time period).

Views available:

  • Recent global seismicity (depth colored/magnitude sized) (US Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center) inline or external
  • Most recent 15 days with small dots of past 5 years; updated every half hour; links to earthquake and station parameters and waveforms (magnitude sized, time colored, relief base (IRIS DMC) clickable inline, small gif, and big gif
  • Past week's events from clickable list (maps through Xerox PARC; in revision) (Synapse Science Center, Russia) inline only.
  • Most recent large event with previous catalog seismicity (in Spanish) (University of Chile) external only
  • Recent global seismicity from the GEOSCOPE network, inline (with hypertext listing of 10 most recent large events) or external
  • Worldwide EQ Bulletin from USGS NEIS via USGS Menlo Park --listing and dynamic map, inline only
  • Recent NEIC locations (mapped at University of Arizona, Southern Arizona Seismic Observatory, depth colored, magnitude sized) inline or external
  • Recent global seismicity (on shaded topography) (Bureau of Reclamation, magnitude sized) inline (with additional info) or external
  • Past 2 weeks, global seismicity (depth coloring/magnitude sizing) St. Louis Univ. Earthquake Center, inline or external
  • Past 2 weeks, global seismicity, southern hemisphere view (depth coloring/magnitude sizing) St. Louis Univ. Earthquake Center, inline or external
  • Past week's seismicity (with plate boundaries) (CERI, Memphis State) external only (broken, 9/3/99, but linked from CERI still)
  • Past week's seismicity, azimuthal projection from Memphis (with plate boundaries) (CERI, Memphis State) external only (broken, 9/3/99)
  • Recent seismicity (last 15 NEIC reported events?, with listing) via Institute for Geophysics, Victoria University at Wellington (New Zealand), external only
  • Last 4 weeks seismicity, European events emphasized (magnitude sized, time colored), (Swiss Seismological Service) inline only.
  • Past 6 month's (roughly) M>5 events (Mercator, latest highlighted), (Seismic Data Analysis Center, BGR Hannover) inline or external.
  • Past weeks M>5 events (magnitude sized, Pacific centered), (Seismological Observatory, Victoria University at Wellington), inline or external.
  • Past month's events (NEIC locations; depth colored, magnitude sized, Pacific centered) (Earthquake Research Inst., Univ. of Tokyo), external M>5.5 or external M>4.0.

  • Please send mail to if you encounter any problems or have suggestions.

    C. H. Jones | CIRES | Dept. of Geological Sciences | Univ. of Colorado at Boulder

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