PaleoMag 3.1 for Macintosh, Windows and Linux

This is the download page for the increasingly ancient PaleoMag software. I haven't been trying to add features but see this code being cited enough that it seemed worth updating the compilation. Note the download links are well down the page so you are forced to see some of the warnings and whatnot.

7 December 2017. 3.1b6. Fixed files (.LSQ, means, possibly others) being saved with long names and in incorrect locations. Added splash screen on open.

13 June 2016. 3.1b5. Fixed issues with 3.1b4, otherwise the same.

8 June 2016--Pulling the 3.1b4 update as there is some strange issue on the Windows side.

7 June 2016. 3.1b4. A recompile with the latest version of the compiler. This loses support for Classic Mac OS and loses support for resource forks in files; if you need that, use an older build (functionality should be about the same). All the binary i/o changed in the compiler on this release; those using 2G files are urged to check to see if things are OK. This is especially true if you are editing your 2G files in PaleoMag. Also added bigger icons, enabled Retina (HiDPI) support. Presently compiled as 32 bit applications, but can supply 64 bit if that is an issue.

10 May 2013. 3.1b3. Simply a recompile with latest version of compiler to help iron out bugs from newer OSes.


Version 3.1b1 apparently has some bugs in the feature allowing edited samples to be saved. Please be aware of this and either do not use this feature or only use with caution. PaleoMag was originally written as a non-editing code to avoid this; we suggest only using PaleoMag on a copy of your data in case of difficulty. Some issues are also reported with the Common Means statistic. Finally, we have one report of a serious crash running under Mac OS 10.5 with Parallels running. While this might be a coincidence, if you experienced something similar, please let us know.

This might be corrected in 3.1b2, where a bug in outputting binary 2G format files was corrected. PLEASE let me know if any issues are still present, and be sure to double check anything edited. (As I haven't heard a peep in the years since 3.1b2 was released, presumably this option isn't used or the problem is fixed).

14 June 2009. 3.1b2. Fixed bug where internal change for 2G formats from mass to volume led to an overlong string being output which makes the new output file useless. Compiled now with RealBasic 2009r1.

The ancient (pre-modern memory manager) version 2.3 is still available.

Scroll down to download; full version summary bottom of page

Version 3.1 is closed to new features.

24 October 2006. 3.1b1. (Several internal builds absorbed 41 and 42). Fixed bug in "reverse" function in confirming an LSQ fit made with the menu command (instead of out of the current fit window). Added contextual menus to the sample list and LSQ list windows allowing show/hide and (in LSQ) reversal of direction. Added Non-parametric ("Watson") statistics. Other changes too (will update later).

How to help

Once you get the code, use it with care--crashes are likely for such a test vehicle. I doubt any data files will be corrupted, but bugs happen. LSQ files are at risk in opened sites as we do rewrite those. But overall I think the worst for most users would simply be a crash.

Of course crashes are useful. If you use the code and test it, please note the machine, system software version, whether you were using your normal extensions or not. If you encounter crashes, note what you were doing, what windows were open, and just what happened after your last action (did a dialog come or go, etc) and any error code reported. The most likely problems will be out-of-memory errors as I have not put in place all the checks to assure that there is enough memory; you can try giving the code more room and seeing if the errors reproduce.

Please get back to me even if you have no problems. It might be most helpful to know that the code is ok. If I hear nothing, I might just decide that you all have Matlab scripts or Excel macros that you prefer.

Citation. Please cite the following if you use PaleoMag in research publications:

Jones, C. H., User-driven Integrated Software Lives: “PaleoMag” Paleomagnetics Analysis on the Macintosh, Computers and Geosciences, 28 (10), 1145-1151, 2002.

Thanks for your patience. It has been a far longer road than I would have liked.

Craig Jones
Dept. Geological Sciences/CIRES
Campus Box 399
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO 80503-0216

Download PaleoMag v.3.1

Note that this is only the stand-alone application. No test files or complete documentation is included at present; the QuickGuide has basic info. You can look at the hypertext documentation for v2.3 or examine the files that are in the 2.3 distribution for more information.

Version b6. Note possible remaining issues on editing files and using common mean test. Also note that binary i/o for 2G format might not be quite right; please provide feedback on success or any issues with 2G binary files. Note that the Windows versions do not use an installer, so the directory containing the executable often has extra junk in it--junk that has to stay in that same directory. Linux versions might require additional libraries

Mac OS X Intel-32 bit. Really not necessary; here just in case (try 64 bit first). Minimum OS 10.7 (Lion)
Get zipped Mac executable of PaleoMag 3.1b6 (5.3 Mb, 7 December 2016)
Mac OS X Intel-64 bit. Minimum OS 10.7 (Lion). This should be the prefered version for Mac.
Get zipped Mac executable of PaleoMag 3.1b6 (6.5 Mb, 7 December 2016)
Windows-32 bit. Minimum OS Windows 7. Windows must be up to date (if missing dll files, see below)
Get Zipped version of PC executable+libraries of PaleoMag 3.1b6 (13.5 Mb, 7 December 2016)
Windows-64 bit. Minimum OS Windows 7. Windows must be up to date (if missing dll files, see below). So far have not seen this working--let me know if you do have it work as I am unsure that I can test it.
Get Zipped version of PC executable+libraries of PaleoMag 3.1b6 (16 Mb, 7 December 2016)
Linux-32 bit. Minimum OS: Mint 16, Ubuntu 10.04, Debian 6.0, OpenSUSE 11.3, Fedora 13 Desktop, CentOS 6.0
Get gzipped version of Linux/86 executable of PaleoMag 3.1b6 (15.8 Mb, 7 December 2016)
Linux-64 bit. Minimum OS: Mint 16, Ubuntu 10.04, Debian 6.0, OpenSUSE 11.3, Fedora 13 Desktop, CentOS 7.0
Get gzipped version of Linux/86 executable of PaleoMag 3.1b6 (16 Mb, 7 December 2016)

Extra Windows dll files will be needed if using PaleoMag 3.1b6 on a Windows machine without the current updates (particularly the "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 Update 1"); these files must be unzipped and placed in the same directory as PaleoMag.exe: DLL files for 32-bit Windows or DLL files for 64-bit Windows. [An alternative is to use the Microsoft updater for these files].

Version b3 (older versions on request). Note possible remaining issues on editing files and using common mean test.

Mac OS X Intel
Get zipped Intel version of Mac executable of PaleoMag 3.1b3 (2.6 Mb, 10 May 2013)
Get Zipped version of PC executable+libraries of PaleoMag 3.1b3 (3.3 Mb, 10 May 2013)
Get gzipped version of Linux/86 executable of PaleoMag 3.1b3 (2.8 Mb, 10 May 2013)

Version b2 (older versions on request ). Last version compiled for PPC. Note possible remaining issues on editing files and using common mean test.

Mac OS X PowerPC
Get zipped PPC version of Mac executable of PaleoMag 3.1b2 (2.9 Mb, 14 June 2009)
*Must* use regular Mac unzipper (BOMArchiveHelper)--StuffIt makes a hash of this

REALbasic is a registered trademark of REAL Software, Inc. (But now called Xojo, but I

Specific issues at present

To do (sort of prioritized)

Version History

3.1b5 (13 June 2016)
Fixed some odd issues that had cropped up in 3.1b4. Supports hi resolution ("retina") screens. 64-bit versions should be faster (though PaleoMag does not demand much of modern computers). Compiled with Xojo 2016r1.1.
3.1b4 (7 June 2016)-withdrawn due to problems
Recompile. This does drop recognition of resource forks (it was too painful to specially code it up as the compiler language had dropped direct support). The binary i/o needed for the 2G format was changed; I made shorts into unsigned int 16s and longs into signed int32s. This could be wrong. Added big icons.
3.1b3 (10 May 2013)
Simply a recompile with latest version of compiler (2012r2.1) to help iron out bugs from newer OSes.
3.1b2 (14 June 2009)
Fixed bug where internal change for 2G formats from mass to volume led to an overlong string being output which makes the new output file useless. Compiled now with RealBasic 2009r1.
3.1b1 (24 October 2006)
Added contextual menu to permit batch hide/show steps from LSQ and sample lists
Fixed bug in reversing directions in LSQ fit acceptance window
Added non-parametric ("Watson") statistics
Other fixes
3.1d40 (14 October 2005)
Fixed editing a 2G sample (we hope).
3.1d39 (15 September 2005)
3.1d38 (12 September 2005)
3.1d37 (4 February 2005)
3.1d36 (11 October 2004)
Fixes loss of color info to the site equal area window.
3.1d35 (9 October 2004)
3.1d33 (8 June 2004)
3.1d32 (25 May 2004)
3.1d31 (18 May 2004)
3.1d30 (14 May 2004)
Fixes serious bug in Edit Sample that occurred when the user edited two different samples from the same List window.
3.1d29 (17 November 2003)
3.1d28 (16 November 2003)
Fixed bug preventing clicking on point in EQarea, JJ0plot, or Orthographic plot from selecting/deselecting point.
Fixed bug causing crash when adding a new LSQ fit while LSQ EQarea plot open.
Forced StratPlot to include new LSQ fits
Fixed bugs making printed strat plots look bad.
Trial code inserted to get around inability to double-click the LSQ EQarea points when statistics and StartPlot are both present.
Added copy and save as... to strat plot (but the graphics are still horrible!)
Fixed bug preventing Means window from being used
3.1d24 27 July 2003
Added Stratigraphic plot
Changed building of list of demag steps for locality equal area to survive likely foul ups.
Added double click in locality EQarea opens that sample's list window
Can open Locality EQarea window from other sample windows.
Animate Locality Equal Area Window button added
Long version info added to About PaleoMag Window
3.1d23 6 June 2003
Read 2G Binary data files (.DAT files)
Added Locality Equal Area Plot
Fixed missing arc plots for some plane or circle fits when viewed as arc
Loads strat level if not already done
Added export to delimited text file (from sample list window)
3.1d20. 3 May 2003
Added plotting of plane or circle fits as arcs (in addition to poles) on LSQ equal area plot. This includes having the points used in Fisher Line+Plane, Line+Arc fits shown as open symbols on the plane or arc
Added control-click to make a hidden point invisible from the LSQ list window.
Added new USGS pseudo-Gillett format (.JRA format; documentation to come).
Adds means list window, can save means to any open lists window, and means windows can be saved. Any number of means can be plotted to LSQ EQ area plots.
Points derived from plane or circle fits in making a Fisher Hemisphere (autoreverse) Line+Plane or Line+Arc fit now are shown in the proper hemisphere in the Statistics Detail Window. These can be saved to the .LSQ file and are treated as lines for most other operations.
Fixed failure of Bingham ellipse to print or be copied.
Removes annoying popup of LSQ Equal Area window when statistics on and selecting points on LSQ List
Fixes anchor to origin fit text summary (which deleted last point)
Fixes crash when demag summary in .LSQ file exactly 7 characters
Adds arc bounds for fits from "Current Fit" window
Fixed forgetful dialog when changing the nature of the Current Fit window, also removed distracting "3 points" for that window.
(PC) fixes crash when saving LSQ files.
fixes crash on mousing over phantom data points
improves window update when using next or previous sample commands
fixes inability to open .LSQ for .APP format
corrects bedding orientation in .APP format
first compilation in RealBasic 4.5, which might fix or break things.
Adds ability to read Univ. Wyoming APP format.
3.1 d14 (d13 was an interim build not generally released)
3.1d12 8/30/02
Fixes crash when unable to recalculate arc constraints on plane or circle fits when opening .LSQ file, also corrects crash from recalculations that the code should have been able to make.
3.1d11 7/12/02
Fixes failure to save LSQ fit IDs made in "Current Fit" properly.
3.1d10 7/8/02
3.1d9 7/5/02
3.1d8 7/3/02
New compiler. Sorting in list and LSQ list windows improved. Double click speed from user restored.
3.1d7 3/10/01
3.1d6 3/1/01
3.1d5 2/12/01
3.1d4 10/19/00
3.1d3 9/3/00
3.1d2 8/21/00
3.1d1 8/10/00
Initial version, with locality, sample list, orthographic, and least squares windows.
Old release comments:

14 October 2005. 3.1d40. Fixed bug in editing 2G files (this also meant we've expanded internal representation of samples to include all the 2G fields).

15 September 2005. 3.1d39. Fixed bug in 38 reading Means files. Added link to the QuickGuide as help.

12 September 2005. 3.1d38. Adds ability to change the magnetic declination for CIT format files. This is a pretty profound change and will not propogate to any means files made from the uncorrected data. Added a Common Means test for mans selected from a Means window (in the statistics menu).

4 February 2005. 3.1d37. Fixes for black screens when using 2G format data. Spherical standard deviation added to Fisher statistics. Symbol shape can be customized for LSQ EQ area window directions (through the Edit menu from the Least Squares List window). Fixed failure to quit when LSQ windows (only) are used and locality bedding was calculated (should also fix failure to quit when .SAM file was changed but locality list window is hidden). Fixed error in calculating a direction from a pole position added to the Means file.

11 October 2004. 3.1d36. Minor fix for wrong colors for site equal area window.

9 October 2004 3.1d35. Miscellaneous fixes. Added ability to add mean directions from an existing pole or reference direction. Modern day axial dipole field can be displayed on equal area plots. Reversal test now will use plane data as currently specified as in the equal area plot from which reversal test is called (as planes, best point on plane--which is kind of a questionable test--or best point on arc).

8 June 2004. 3.1d33. Adds labels and user-controlled symbol sizes to equal area and orthographic plots, also improving their print quality. Means legend now printed for LSQ EQarea plot, and several new symbols are added. A threshold now hides high-MAD measurements when a sample is first opened. Copy/cut/paste added to sample list window. Several other smaller improvements.

25 May 2004. 3.1d32. Adds clear (in the Edit menu) for LSQ list window. Fixes (finally!) the missing display of statistics in the LSQ Equal Area window. Fixes bug where selecting "LSQStrat Window" from the menu while that window was open would crash the program. Sorting in the LSQ window and Locality window both use numerical sorting of sample numbers instead of the old lexical sorting. Added check when saving LSQ from Current Fit window to see if the id matches an existing ID. Allows for replacing that id. Deleted a potential bug that could have caused some info added to LSQ fit window to be a pile of duplicates of the same fit (not seen in practice, but the potential appears to have existed).

18 May 2004. 3.1d31. Changes Edit behavior to only change the version in memory; saving is now at the user's discretion. "Dimples" in red dot (close button) for OS X implemented in Sample List, Site, LSQ, and Means windows. Bug where sample magnetic declination was not being copied fixed (might have affected some things with 2G format, though we don't think so). First build with RealBasic 5.5; first Linux version.

14 May 2004. 3.1d30. IMPORTANT BUG FIX: All versions from 3.1d26 to 3.1d29 have a bug when editing two or more different samples from the same List window (this happens when you use the next or previous sample command). All edits after the first will save the first edited sample's data into the other sample files. You can recover the original data by going into the locality directory and removing the newly created files and then renaming the "-old" versions of the files to their original names. This version (d30) fixes this bug by making the Edit Sample window modal. We also added a warning that the least squares fits are NOT corrected for edits made to the sample. We will be revising the code a bit more to make the save of the edited data to be at the user's request and not automatically as is done now when you accept your changes in the Edit Sample window.

17 November 2003. 3.1d29. Fixed numerous problems with magnetic declination not being propagated properly. 2G files now use local (sample specific) magnetic declination. Autofill of missing core or tilt-corrected directions now uses magnetic declination. Magnetic declination shown in sample info pane in sample list window (since can vary from sample to sample). Edit Sample dialog fixed up to permit viewing either in magnetic or true north coordinates, also to permit the directions to be recalculated from a specified direction type (core, geographic, or stratigraphic). We still do not support fold axis plunge corrections, so use the editing options with care (you'll lose any corrections that used a fold axis plunge if you edit directions). Incorrect hemisphere for core coordinate equal area plot fixed.

16 November 2003. 3.1d28. Fixed some bugs with Edit Sample. Autofill CIT format files missing core and/or tilt-corrected directions. Reversal test added (if someone has a good check case, especially for the bootstrap code, we'd like to have it). WARNING: It appears that there is a bug in the Edit Sample dialog that requires entry of core plate strikes and bedding strikes in magnetic coordinates. We'll try and get this fixed ASAP--there are some inconsistencies in the manner in which things are dealt with in the code.

5 September 2003. 3.1d27. PC fixes to cure crash when opening a sample file. Font in Sample List window set to Terminal font on PC. Keyboard shortcuts for next/previous sample set to J and K instead of + and -.

2 September 2003. 3.1d26. Lots of fixes and updates. Added ability to edit .SAM file and core and bedding orientations within PaleoMag (However: although you can change the magnetic declination, this is not carried through to all places it should until version d38. For instance, CIT format stores bedding and core orientations relative to magnetic north, which means that a change in magnetic declination should change geographic and tilt-corrected directions, and any least-squares fits from these. These changes are not, at present, done). .SAM files created for non-CIT formats. Strat plot enabled for non-CIT formats (only extensively tested for 2G binary (.DAT) format, so feedback welcome). Several interface bugs fixed.


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