1992-1995 Southern Sierra Continental Dynamics Project


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  • Project Personnel

    Lead Scientist (for this time period):

    Peter Malin
  • finger pem@vaino.geo.duke.edu
  • Phone: 919-681-8889
  • send e-mail to pem@vaino.geo.duke.edu
  • Department of Geology Duke University Durham, NC 27706
  • Steve Park is the lead scientist for the successor CD project.

    Coinvestigating PhDs (alphabetical)

    The list below was current at the conclusion of the original SSCD project. Some modifications have been made since, but there is no guarantee this is fully accurate.

    Send e-mail to all participants

    Robert Clayton

  • send e-mail to clay@gps.caltech.edu
  • Phone: 818-395-6909
  • Fax: 818-564-0715
  • Seismological Lab 252-21, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125
  • George Jiracek

  • finger gjiracek@geology.sdsu.edu
  • send e-mail to gjiracek@geology.sdsu.edu
  • Phone: 619-594-5160
  • Fax: 619-594-4372
  • Department of Geological Sciences, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA 92222
  • Craig H. Jones

  • finger cjones@mantle.colorado.edu
  • send mail to cjones@mantle.colorado.edu
  • Phone: 303-492-6994
  • Fax: 303-492-1149
  • CIRES, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309

  • G. Randy Keller

  • finger keller@utep.edu
  • send e-mail to keller@utep.edu
  • Phone: 915-747-5501
  • Fax: 915-747-5073
  • Department of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX 79968-0555
  • Simon Klemperer

  • finger klemp@pangea.stanford.edu
  • send e-mail to klemp@pangea.stanford.edu
  • phone: (415) 723-8214
  • fax: (415) 725-7344
  • Department of Geophysics, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-2215
  • Jim Luetgert

  • finger luetgert@andreas.wr.usgs.gov
  • send e-mail to luetgert@andreas.wr.usgs.gov
  • Phone: 415-329-4763
  • U.S. Geological Survey MS-977, 345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025
  • Kate Miller

  • finger miller@utep.edu
  • send e-mail to miller@utep.edu
  • Department of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX 79968-0555
  • Walter Mooney

  • finger mooney@andreas.wr.usgs.gov
  • send e-mail to mooney@andreas.wr.usgs.gov
  • Phone: 415-329-4764
  • U.S. Geological Survey MS-977, 345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025
  • Howard Oliver

  • U.S. Geological Survey MS-977, 345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025
  • Steve Park

  • finger magneto@ucrmt.ucr.edu
  • send e-mail to magneto@ucrmt.ucr.edu
  • 1432 Geology University of California, Riverside Riverside, California 92521
  • Phone: 909-787-4501
  • Fax: 909-787-4509
  • Robert A. Phinney

  • finger bob@warthog.princeton.edu
  • send e-mail to bob@geo.princeton.edu
  • Phone: 609-258-4118 finger

  • Department of Geological and Geophysical Sciences, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08554
  • Stan Ruppert

  • finger ruppert@llnl.gov
  • send e-mail to ruppert1@llnl.gov
  • Phone: 510-423-7552
  • Fax: 510-422-1002 or? 423-4077
  • IGPP L-202, Center for Geosciences, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA 94550
  • Jason Saleeby

  • send e-mail to jason@gps.caltech.edu
  • Phone: 818-395-6141
  • Fax: 818-568-0935
  • Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA 91125
  • J. Kent "Zeke" Snow

    Brian P. Wernicke

  • send e-mail to brian@gps.caltech.edu
  • Phone: 818-395-6192
  • Fax: 818-568-0935
  • Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA 91125
  • Participating Students (now PostDoc)

    Mihai Ducea

  • send e-mail to ducea@gps.caltech.edu
  • Fax: 818-568-0935
  • Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA 91125
  • Moritz Fliedner

  • finger moritz@pangea.stanford.edu
  • send e-mail to moritz@pangea.stanford.edu
  • Phone: (415) 723-7257
  • Fax: (415) 725-7344
  • Department of Geophysics Mitchell Building, Room 411 Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305-2215

  • Results on the Web

    Electronic Papers

    Images (separate from papers, above)

    Location map of 1993 Southern Sierra Continental Dynamics Project; Sierra is near center (between 118 and 119 degrees west); Owens lakebed is just east of crossing of refraction lines. Death Valley is deep (darkest green) valley in the eastern part of the map. (Clicking on map will get you bigger, full color JPEG image).

    Moritz Fliedner photo

    SSCD refraction deployment, shaded relief map, S. Ruppert, LLNL.

    Other Project Participant Pages

    Princeton--Robert Phinney

    Stanford--Moritz Fliedner's Research page

    Publications to date (inverse by date)

    Jones, C.H., and Phinney, R.A., 1998, Constraints on the seismic structure of the lithosphere from teleseismic converted arrivals observed at small arrays in the southern Sierra Nevada and vicinity, California, J. Geophys. Research,103, p. 10,065-10,090.

    Wernicke, B., and J. K. Snow, 1998, Cenozoic tectonism in the central Basin and Range: Motion of the Sierran-Great Valley block, Int. Geol. Rev., 40, 403-410.

    Ruppert, S., M. M. Fliedner, and G. Zandt, 1998, Thin crust and active upper mantle beneath the Southern Sierra Nevada in the Western United States, 7th Deep Seismic Symposium Volume edited by Mooney and Klemperer, Tectonophysics, 286, p. 237-252, 1998.

    Paul, A., D. Jongmans, M. Campillo, P. Malin, and D. Baumont, 1996, Amplitudes of regional seismic phases in relation to crustal structure of the Sierra Nevada, California: J. Geophys. Research, 101 [B11], 25,243-25,254.

    Park, S. K., B. Hirasuna, G. R. Jiracek, and C. Kinn, 1996, Magnetotelluric evidence of lithospheric mantle thinning beneath the southern Sierra Nevada, J. Geophys. Res., 101 [B7], 16,241-16,255.

    A paper related to this is:

    Mackie, R. L., T. R. Madden, and S. K. Park, A three-dimensional magnetotelluric investigation of the California Basin and Range, J. Geophys. Res., 101 [B7], 16,221-16,239.

    Ducea, M. N., and J. B. Saleeby, 1996, Buoyancy sources for a large, unrooted mountain range, the Sierra Nevada, California: Evidence from xenolith thermobarometry, J. Geophys. Res., 101 [B4], 8229-8244.

    Fliedner, M.M., S. Ruppert, and SSCD Working Group, 1996, Three-dimensional crustal structure of the southern Sierra Nevada from seismic fan profiles and gravity modeling: Geology, 24, 367-370.

    Wernicke, B., R. Clayton, M. Ducea, C. H. Jones, S. Park, S. Ruppert, J. Saleeby, J. K. Snow, L. Squires, M. Fliedner, G. Jiracek, R. Keller, S. Klemperer, J. Luetgert, P. Malin, K. Miller, W. Mooney, H. Oliver, and R. Phinney, 1996, Origin of high mountains in the continents: The southern Sierra Nevada, Science, 271, 190-193.

    You can see a newspaper article from San Francisco Examiner on this paper as well as a commentary.
    A short news article on this and the SSCD II experiment was published in Geotimes, p. 9-10, March, 1996.

    In Press


    In the works

    Jones, C. H., R. A. Phinney, G. R. Keller, S. Park, and S. Ruppert [authors and ordering subject to change], 1998, ms on characteristic of lower crustal extrusion from Sierra to Death Valley, to be assembled.

    Snow, J.K., and Wernicke, B., 1998?, Mass balance of Tertiary tectonism in the central Basin and Range Province: Part I, Magnitude, rate, partitioning, and distribution of upper crustal strain: in revision for Tectonics.

    Wernicke, B., and Snow, J.K., 1998?, Mass balance of Tertiary tectonism in the central Basin and Range Province: Part II, The Sierran root problem: in preparation for Tectonics?

    Abstracts (not complete; inverse with time)

    Also check the new Sierran Paradox publications list

    Ducea, M., and J. Saleeby, 1996, Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd Mineral Ages of Some Sierra Implications for Crustal Growth and Thermal Evolution, EOS, 77 [46, suppl.]., F831.

    Duran, A. E., G. R. Keller, and K.C. Miller, 1996, A crustal structure study of the Owens Valley-Death Valley region, eastern California, EOS, 77 [46, suppl.]., F670-1.

    Fliedner, M. M. & S. L. Klemperer, 1996, A Tale of Two Arcs: Wide-Angle Seismic Investigations of the Composition and Structure of the Sierra Nevada of California and the Aleutian Arc, Alaska, EOS, 77 [46, suppl.]., F659.

    Jones, C. H., and R. A. Phinney, 1996, Southern Sierra Nevada Structure: The Use of Small Arrays for Determination of High Resolution Teleseismic Receiver Functions, EOS, 77 [46, suppl.]., F464.

    Ducea, M., and J. Saleeby, 1996, Lithospheric mantle origin for the isotopic gradients within the Sierra Nevada batholith, Geol. Soc. Am. Abstr. Prog., 28 [7], A381, 1996.

    Fliedner, Moritz M., and Simon L. Klemperer: Crustal velocities and Moho depth of the southern Sierra Nevada of California: 3-D wide-angle seismic refraction and reflection combined with gravity studies, Geol. Soc. Am. Abstr. Prog., 28 [7], A196, 1996. It might be possible to obtain copies of this poster directly from M. Fliedner.

    Saleeby, J.B., and M. N. Ducea, 1996, A three-dimensional picture of the lower crust and upper mantle beneath the southern Sierra Nevada (SSN), California, Geol. Soc. Am. Abstr. Prog., 28 [5], 107.

    Jones, C. H., R. A. Phinney, and C. B. Parker, 1995, Lithospheric structure from teleseismic P to S conversions at small arrays, Southern Sierra Nevada, California, XXI IUGG, XXI General Assembly, A408.

    Phinney, R. A., and C. H. Jones, 1995, Study of strain release by detection of sub-microearthquake arrays and matched filters, EOS, 76 [suppl. to no. 46], F396.

    Fliedner, M., and S. Ruppert, 1994: Southern Sierra Nevada: P-Wave Velocity and Moho Depth Modelling, EOS, v. 75, no. 44, p. 585.

    Ruppert, S. D., M Fliedner, and K. Miller, 1994; Detailed crustal structure beneath the Southern Sierra Nevada Region: Refraction/wide-angle reflection P-wave modeling, EOS, v. 75, no. 44, p. 644.

    M M Fliedner and SSCD Working Group, 1993: Preliminary Results From the Southern Sierra Nevada Continental Dynamics Project 1993: Wide-Angle Fan Profiles, EOS, v. 74, no. 43, p. 414.

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