Second release (Mac version) June 2021, v0.9.5

Download Mac version (3.7 Mb zipped)

Program for exploring individual first-motion earthquake focal mechanisms. The main point of this is to allow a user to interactively explore how changing parameters affects how well a collection of first-motion polarity picks are fit. Picks in FOCMEC format can be input, or picks can be added by hand. If a velocity model is input along with stations distances from the event (by hand), user can also explore the effect of error in event depth on focal mechanisms. A misfit value is calculated that downweights stations near a nodal plane (the width of the downweighting can be controlled by the user).

Known bugs: Some rotations by hand will produce peculiar reversals in mechanism polarity and a few combinations will produce some incorrect results.

If interested in Windows or Linux version, let me know.

v 0.9.5 fixes issues printing or saving as a graphics file and some peculiarities if changing polarity in the pick window.

Please send mail to cjones@colorado.edu if you encounter any problems or have suggestions.

C. H. Jones | CIRES | Dept. of Geological Sciences | Univ. of Colorado at Boulder

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