Douglas S. Robertson

Douglas S. Robertson

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1975
Adjunct Professor, Geological Sciences

Office: Ekeley W245B
Phone: 303-492-3694
Philosophy of Science Webpage

Research Interests

Evolution theory and mass extinctions, feedback and chaos in Darwinian natural selection, information theory and the philosophy of science.

Current Projects

Investigation of extinction patterns resulting from the asteroid impact at the K-T boundary; numerical modeling of the effects of chaos in Darwinian selection; exploring the impact of information explosions on the development of science and civilization.

Selected Publications

  • Robertson, D.S., W.E. Carter and W.H. Dillinger, A New Measurement of Solar Gravitational Deflection of Radio Signals Using VLBI, Nature, 349, 768-770, 1991.
  • Carter, W.E. and D.S. Robertson, Studying the Earth by Very Long Baseline Interferometry, Scientific American, 255, no. 5, 44?52, 1986.
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  • Robertson, D.S., Phase Change: The Computer Revolution in Science and Mathematics, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 2003.
  • Robertson, D.S., Goedel's Theorem, The Theory of Everything, and the Future of Science and Mathematics, Complexity, 5, no. 5, 22-27, 2000.
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  • Robertson, D.S., Treating Absolute Gravity Data as a Spacecraft Tracking Problem, Metrologia, 33, 545-548, 1996.
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