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Hvide Falk




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Swiss Camp




Greenland Field Season: Ilulissat - Swiss Camp 2008


4,000 people live in Ilulissat and at least 2,500 sled dogs. This is an eloquent statement of the importance of the dogsled as a means of transport, even in a large modern town. The harbor is filled with fishing vessels and trawlers that bear witness to the great importance of fishing to the town. Only a couple of kilometers from the town is the lush Sermermiut valley that extends down to the ice fjord. In 1727, this was the site of Greenland's largest settlement of 250 people. Excavations have since shown that the beautiful valley had been inhabited for thousands of years.




Hotel Hvide Falk ------- We recommend this hotel which is located in the center of the village

P.O. Box 20
3952 Ilulissat
Tel.: +299 94 33 43
Fax: +299 94 35 08




Air Greenland Charter--------They provide helicopter service from Ilulissat to Swiss Camp

P.O.Box 1012
DK-3900 Nuuk
Tel. +299 34 34 34
Fax +299 32 08 98






Swiss Camp 69° 33’ 53” N, 49° 20’ 03” W, 1122 m

Located 70 km northeast of Ilulissat on the Greenland ice sheet. The camp was established in 1990.

Photo Journal of Swiss Camp (John Maurer, former graduate student)

Proposed Weather Gear (PDF file with all the essentials)





Maps and Satellite Images

Map of Ilulissat

Jakobshavn glacier with Ilulissat (Landsat)

Swiss Camp region with automatioc weather station network