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Ute Christina Herzfeld

Senior Research Associate
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences

Associate Research Professor
Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering (ECEE website)
Ute Herzfeld at ECEE
University of Colorado - Boulder

Affiliate Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics
University of Colorado - Boulder

email: ute[dot]herzfeld[at]colorado[dot]edu
phone: 303-492-9066.

Current Projects

  • Bering Glacier Surge --- Observation, Analysis and Parameterization (NSF RAPID Project)
    • Observation
    • Crevasse Classification in Bering Glacier
  • Arctic seal detection in imagery collected from unmanned aircraft
  • Greenland bed topography for input in ice-dynamic models
  • ICESat-2 Project: Algorithm developmnet for MABEL
  • Jakobshavn Isbrae
  • Complexity and Roughness of Arctic Sea Ice
  • Cice project
Ute Herzfeld At Inussussuaq, with the calving front of Jakobshavns Isbrae in the background (West Greenland)