AMS Spectral Database (Unit Mass Resolution)

This page is a compliation of published spectra obtained with the Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer. It complements the Database of High-Resolution AMS Spectra and the Capture Vaporizer database for the AMS.

Note that replicates of spectra are of great interest. As in the NIST or Wiley databases, replicates allow the user to identify differences that may be due to impurities, different experimental conditions, instrumental differences, etc.

These spectra have been made available to the entire community. By using these spectra you agree to make appropriate citations of the papers referenced for the specific spectra that you use. Please honor this request so that the spectra can continue to be available to everyone. Also please cite this database as "Ulbrich, I.M., Handschy, A., Lechner, M., and Jimenez, J.L. AMS Spectral Database. URL:" and the paper that describes it (Ulbrich et al., ACP, 9, 2891-2918, 2009).

If you have spectra you'd like added to the database, please send them to Anne Handschy, along with all of the descriptive information specified here. Your comments are also welcome!

A standalone ipf to help with the creation of database files can be downloaded here. This ipf can be used within ACSM analysis experiments, PMF experiments or AMS analysis experiments (Squirrel and Pika, v 1.64+).

AMS mass spectra database comparison panel as described in Jeon et al 2023 is available here. This tool compares user spectra to the spectra in this database (UMR), as well as HR and CV databases to find and score similarities.

Spectra are divided into several categories with respective ID labels:

as presented in the tables below, in which * indicates the version of the instrument (AQ, AT, Q, C, V, and W) and xxx is the ID. Spectra are grouped by type of instrument within each category. The spectra have been added in an arbitrary order, so it may be fastest to search the text if you're looking for something specific.