Jimenez Group Photos:  INSPECT-2 at SPL 5/2004


           the lab is funded by DRI                                     blue skies at SPL                                        backside of the lab



            the AMS at 10,500 ft.                                     NOAA PALMS                          NOAA Optical Particle Counter



                   CSU CFDC                                     SPL instruments room                          CSU TDMA/ SPL gas phase data           



      Ed calibrating with the NOAA DMA             Allison increasing heater T            Sarah Brooks and Paul DeMott (CSU)



                   Matt (CSU)                                               Troy (NOAA)                                          ambient sampling inlet                  



            entrance to the garage                       looking down on Steamboat Springs, CO            view from the drive up to the lab



               AMS sampling inlet                                              LS set-up                                      pump #5 replaced with a V70     



             inlet region with RH control                        close-up of the valve                     alternate view of the RH control



   loading the AMS onto the snowcat             preparing for the short drive to the road                   Jose puts on some cables



              Steamboat Springs                                 Paul headin' down in the ATV                   Snowcat driver, Randy (SPL), Paul



            delivery to the road                                from the snowcat to the pick-up           securing the AMS for the rough drive down