Scientific Reference Information for the Jimenez Group

This page is an ongoing summary of important resources for the research of the Jimenez group, including journals to watch, useful data compilations, and key reference papers on issues related to our interests. This page is not comprehensive, but rather intends to provide frequently used reference information, pointers to start looking at the literature, and a flavor for the various types of studies carried out in each area. It is under permanent construction, but any suggestions of info to add are most welcome!, Email them to

  1. Web of Science

  2. Most Important Journals to Watch

    This info has moved to the Journals Wiki page

  3. Scientific Reference Info: Papers and Other Resources

    (bold resources are the most important in each category)

    1. General Resources

    2. The Big Picture of Air Pollution, Atmospheric Chemistry, and Aerosols

    3. Effects of Aerosols on Climate

    4. Effects of Aerosols on Visibility

    5. Effects of Aerosols on Human Health

    6. Effects of Aerosols on Ecosystems

    7. Effects of Aerosols on Atmospheric Chemistry

    8. Synthesis of Aerosols as Materials for Industry

    9. Aerosols in Medicine

    10. Aerosol Sources

    11. Aerosol Processes

    12. Organic Aerosols

    13. Models and Measurements of Aerosol Concentrations: Continental to Global

    14. Aerosol Measurements (other than Aerosol Mass Spectrometers)

    15. Aerosol Mass Spectrometers (AMS and others)

    16. Aerodynamic Lenses

    17. Non-Aerosol Instruments of Interest

    18. Source Apportionment

    19. Aerosol Modeling

    20. Atmospheric Science

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