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2008 Telluride Workshop on Organic Aerosols

Schedule for 2008 Telluride Workshop on Organic Aerosols

Sunday August 3

  • Informal meeting on Sun evening at Bubble Lounge, 200 W. Colorado Ave. From the TSRC website: "They have light meals, comfortable nooks to talk, no TVs and they can handle separate checks. They make excellent cocktails and have a nice selection of wine and beer. It is located just behind the Excelsior Restaurant, just north of Baked in Telluride, and is not expensive. The atmosphere is casual with a lot of style."

Monday August 4

  • 8:00 Breakfast
  • (0) 8:15-8:30 Introduction, format of workshop, logistics etc. (PZ and JLJ)
  • (1) 8:30-9:30 - Rainer Volkamer (U Colorado), "Atmospheric Relevance of Reactive Glyoxal Uptake as SOA source: Field, Laboratory, and Modeling Evidence"
  • (2) 9:45-10:45 - Joost de Gouw (NOAA), "Can we Quantify Biogenic SOA from Aircraft Measurements over the U.S.?"
  • (3) 11:00-12:00 - Allen Robinson (Carnegie Mellon U), "Partitioning and Aging of Primary Emissions"
  • (4) 12:15-1:15 - Colette Heald (Colorado State U), "Modeling Organic Aerosol: Where are we going wrong?"
  • Afternoon Free
  • (5) 19:00-20:00 - Jim Smith (NCAR), "Atmospheric nanoparticle composition and its implications for climate"
  • (6) 20:15-21:15 - Urs Baltensperger (PSI), "Nucleation, growth, and aging of secondary organic aerosol"

Tuesday August 5

  • Morning Free
  • (7) 12:45-13:45 - Sonia Kreidenweis (Colorado State U), "Water Interactions of Biomass Burning Aerosol"
  • (8) 14:00-15:00 - Thanos Nenes (Georgia Tech), - "On relationships between growth kinetics, CCN activity and aerosol volatility of organic aerosol - assessments using ambient and chamber data"
  • (9) 15:15-16:15 - John Abbatt (U Toronto), "Organic Aerosol Heterogeneous Oxidation and CCN Hygroscopic Growth: Lab and Field Studies"
  • (10) 16:30-17:30 - Lynn Russell (UC-San Diego), "How Do We Quantify Organic Mixtures In and Of Particles and Will Those Mixtures Make a Difference?"
  • 18:00 – 19:15 pm, Telluride Opera House: Pinhead Town Talk (Recommended but optional -- it was fun last time). “Fire in the Ice: The environmental impact and potential energy resource of methane trapped in naturally occurring ice cages". Keith Hester, PhD, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and Werner Kuhs, University of Göttingen, Germany. (Free admission, cash bar).
  • 19:30 Informal group dinner (optional, no host, cost not included) at La Cocina de Luz (about $25 per person for three courses including tip, plated at the restaurant, cash bar). Organized by Nana Naisbitt, she'll need a headcount by Mon. morning.

Wednesday August 6

  • 8:00 Breakfast
  • (11) 8:15-9:15 - Neil Donahue (Carnegie Mellon U), "How to Make GOO: The Interplay Between Oxidation and Volatility"
  • (12) 9:30-10:30 - Jesse Kroll (Aerodyne), "Multistep additions of oxygens to organics in SOA formation and aging"
  • (13) 10:45-11:45 - Rob Griffin (U New Hampshire), "The Aromatic-Cl System as a Source of SOA"
  • (14) 12:00-13:00 - Paul Ziemann (UC-Riverside), "SOA Formation from Oxidation of Simple Hydrocarbons"
  • Free Afternoon
  • Group hike (Coordinated by Jose, Optional, see below for recommendation from Nana)
  • (15) 19:00-20:00 - Maria Kanakidou (U Crete), "Global Modeling of the Oceanic source of Organic Aerosols: Primary and Secondary sources"
  • (16) 20:15-21:15 - Kim Prather (UC-San Diego), - "Impact of aerosols on climate as a function of single particle mixing state"

Thursday August 7

  • (17) 13:00-14:00 - Spyros Pandis (Carnegie Mellon U), "Organic Aerosol Modeling in the Laboratory, Regional and Global Scales"
  • (18) 14:15-15:15 - Murray Johnston (U Delaware), ""Top-Down" vs. "Bottom-Up" Organic Aerosol Characterization: What do they tell us and are they consistent?"
  • (19) 15:30-16:30 - Stefano Decesari (CNR Bologna), "Fingerprinting the sources of atmospheric oxidized organic aerosols using NMR spectroscopy"
  • (20) 16:45-17:45 - Jose-Luis Jimenez (U Colorado), "Quantification, Properties, and Aging of POA and SOA from Field and Source Measurements"
  • Outdoor picnic hosted by Telluride Science from 6:00 - dark. (Location TBA). Food, beer, wine, and soft drinks provided. Cost included in registration for participants, family members will be charged $20/person.

Friday August 8

  • 8:00 Breakfast
  • (21) 8:15-9:15 - Nihos Mihalopoulos (U Crete), "Sources of carbonaceous aerosols in the Eastern Mediterranean, inferred from long-term measurements"
  • (22) 9:30-10:30 - Scot Martin (Harvard U) - "Amazonian Aerosol Characterization Experiment (AMAZE-08)"
  • (23) 10:45-11:45 - Doug Worsnop (Aerodyne) - "Flash Vaporization of Ambient Aerosol: Implications for Organic Composition"

Other details

  • Recommended hike from Nana (for Wed): Mill Creek trail. It starts as part of the Jud Wiebe trail (the toughest part of the hike) and then levels off to a rather flat trail. People can walk part of the way side by side, part single file and then it ends with a road where larger groups could talk. It's about 5 miles and loops to the Shell Station (formally the Texaco) and then you all can walk back along the river trail to town. It makes for a great medium level hike.