Research Groups at CIRES

Research groups are the smallest unit of CIRES but also the backbone of our institute. They vary in size from a few researchers to as many as fifty or more. These groups are engaged in research spanning all fields of the environmental sciences from the solid Earth, biology, the atmosphere, and the oceans to the cryosphere. Listed here are just a few of the research groups within the Institute.

Ben Balsley group site image
Atmospheric Dynamics and Remote Sensing: Balsley Group

Billham Group
Earthquakes and Tectonic Plate Motions: Bilham Group.

John Cassano group site image
Polar Climate and Meteorology: Cassano Group

Tom Chase group site image
Land Use and Climate Change: Chase Group

Chu group site image
LIDAR and Remote Sensing for Atmospheric/Space Science and Environmental Research: Chu Group

Copley group site image
The Molecular Evolution of Catalysts: Copley Group

DeGouw Group
Atmospheric VOC Research: DeGouw Group.

Fierer Group
Structure, Function of Microbial Communities: Fierer Group

Fox-Kemper group site image
Ocean Physics and Its Role in Climate: Fox-Kemper Group.

Jiminez Group
Atmospheric Aerosols: Jimenez Group.

Jones Group
Tectonics of the Western United States: Jones Group

Kay Group

Polar climate change & variability
States: Kay Group

Hamlington-Milliff Group

Multi-scale Models and Observations of Atmosphere-Ocean Systems: Hamlington-Milliff Group

Peter Molnar site image
Mountain Range Formation and Continental Lithosphere Deformation: Molnar Group
NSIDC group site image
Cryospheric Research: National Snow and Ice Data Center Group

Noone Group
Climate Modeling - Water and the Carbon Cycle: Noone Group

Pielke group site image
Land-atmosphere Interactions: Pielke Group

Konrad Steffen group site image
Arctic Climate Change: Steffen Group

Anne Sheehan group site image
Geophysics - Crust and Upper Mantle Structure Sheehan Group

Inhalable Aerosol Vaccines: Global Health Group (Sievers)

Margaret Tolbert group site image
Atmospheric Science and Heterogeneous Chemistry: Tolbert Group

Tucker Group
Geomorphology and landscape evolution: Tucker Group

Vaida Group
Molecular Level Atmospheric Chemistry: Vaida Group

Betsy Weatherhead
Atmospheric Data and Environmental Change: Weatherhead Group

Carol Wessman group site image
Landscape and Ecosystem Ecology: Wessman Group