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Peter Molnar

Peter Molnar

Professor of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder
Fellow, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Ph.D., Geology (Seismology), 1970, Columbia University
A.B., Physics, 1965, Oberlin College

Office: ESCI 462C
Phone: 303-492-4936
Fax: 303-492-2606


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Courses Taught

  • Climate and Tectonics: Tibet and the monsoon (Graduate seminar, Spring, 2010)
  • Critical Thinking in the Earth Sciences: Why Do the Rocky Mountains Exist?
    (Undergraduate course, Spring, 2010)
  • Rocky Mountains, (Graduate seminar, Spring, 2008)
  • Climate and Tectonics: The Andes (Graduate seminar, Spring 2007)
  • Climate and Tectonics: Plate reconstructions, climate change, and gateways (Graduate seminar, Spring 2006)