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Carol Wessman
Carol Wessman

Landscape and Ecosystem Ecology

Ecosystem ecology, landscape ecology, regional and global biogeochemical cycling, ecological applications of remote sensing and geographic information systems

Our research program seeks to gain insights on feedback dynamics between ecosystem structure and function, and the influence of disturbance on trajectories of ecosystem processes. Our research approaches involve field studies, remote sensing methodologies investigating temporal and spatial heterogeneity in ecosystem properties, and landscape and ecosystem modeling. We incorporate theory in ecosystem and landscape ecology, with a recent emphasis on resilience and complex system theory. Current research projects include: biogeochemical dynamics of woody plant encroachment in the US Southwest, resilience of forest ecosystems under compound disturbance, and social-ecological systems in urban environments.


November 29, 2005
Wessman Wins Faculty Fellowship
Professor Wessman has been awarded a Faculty Fellowship for the 2006-07 academic year. For more information, see the CU News Center.