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People of the Wessman Research Group

Carol A. Wessman (Curriculum Vitae)

Carol WessmanI am a Professor in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department (EBIO) at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am also a professor of CIRES' Earth Science and Observation Center (ESOC). My research program seeks to gain insights on feedback dynamics between ecosystem structure and function, and the influence of disturbance on trajectories of ecosystem processes. My approach involves field studies, remote sensing methodologies investigating temporal and spatial heterogeneity in ecosystem properties, and landscape and ecosystem modeling. My work incorporates theory in ecosystem and landscape ecology, with a recent emphasis on resilience and complex system theory. Current research projects include: biogeochemical dynamics of woody plant encroachment in the US Southwest, resilience of forest ecosystems under compound disturbance, and social-ecological systems in urban environments.


Where are they now?

Graduates and past people of the group, including post-doctoral associates and visiting scientists, are listed here.

Research Associates

Rozita Abdul-WilliamsRozita Abdul-Williams
"An analysis of land use cover change in the Baram Watershed using an integration of GIS/remote sensing and human environment interaction"

John KinemanJohn J. Kineman
"Ecological niche modeling and relational systems theory".

Ph.D. Students

Bryan BranbelBryan Brandel
"Regional scaling of biogeochemistry in a Larrea tridentata ecotone: Implications for carbon sequestration in the Southwestern United States"

Jonathon CarrascoJonathon Carrasco
"Soil carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry and transport in Lodgepole Pine and Trembling Aspen forests"

Sarah HinnersSarah Hinners
"Pollination in an urbanizing landscape: Effects of habitat fragmentation on wild bee assemblages"

Monica Madronich
"Biosphere-atmosphere interactions"

Kendra Morliengo-BredlauKendra Morliengo-Bredlau
"Using biogeochemical anaysis to understand the effects of rapid compounded disturbance on regeneration dynamics"

Undergraduate Students

Nathan Hawkey
Kerry Kemp
Jeremy Klass
Lauren Sackett
John Sanderson
Sally Weyrauch