Updaters for GravMag


You will need the original GravMag from your CD for this update or 1.0.14 (looks like 1.14 in Windows Explorer). The new code has been tested a fair bit on XP. Hopefully it will work far better on Vista and Windows 7 than the original code. Please be sure to read the ReadMe file included to update properly! Please contact me if there are any problems with the updater.

Download the GravMag 1.0.23 updater (2.85 Mb, 1/10/12)

Mac OS X

Note that after reading the information that opens when you first open the updater, you have to close that information window in order to update your old copy of GravMag. You will need to have a copy of GravMag on your hard drive (you cannot update a copy on the CD itself). The combo updater will update version 1.0 (from CD) or versions 1.0.14 or 1.0.18 of GravMag. If updating from v 1.0 (CD) to current version, the smaller middle updater is more direct.

Download the GravMag 1.0.23 combo updater (Updates all public versions of GravMag to Intel-only 1.0.23; 23.2 Mb, 1/10/12)

Download the GravMag 1.0 -> 1.0.23 updater (lot smaller but only updates v1.0; Intel only, 4.0 Mb, 1/10/12)

Download the GravMag 1.0.22 combo updater (last PPC updater, 20.8 Mb, 1/10/12)

Release notes (note that versions other than 1.0.7, 1.0.14, 1.0.18, 1.0.22, 1.0.23 were not publicly available)

1.0.1: Fixed bug in converting to km from m without changing default section widths.
1.0.2: Added very basic delimited text i/o for the gravity data window
1.0.3: Fixed bug in exporting model when using km as units. Bug in placement of label routine in PolygonThing (could get in infinite loop).
1.0.4: Added basic delimited text import to magnetics data window
1.0.5: Compiled with RB2008r4, UniHelp3.3.
1.0.6: Added Mac file type when saving, forcing .txt onto file names. Added unit options in importing delimited text files. Added plotting of gravity point locations in section plot. Added option to change the top of the section pane of section window.
Fixed TYPO-kg/cm in model window instead of kg/m^3
FIXED: opening data file with the section window open does not update the model point locations (changing model will update)
1.0.7-FIXED BIG ERROR-Magnetics point elevations were negative of what they should have been. Compiled with RB2009r1.

1.0.8-crash when setting magnetic field manually without data window fixed.
fixed reversal of polarity of elevation when importing delimited text
1.0.9-fixed crash using error bars in magnetics window with imported from delimited text data. Also enabled access to prefs and about gravmag windows from data window.
1.0.10-loading a data file with elevations will not show the elevations as negative of proper value.
-data point locations in cross section part of section window updated as changes made in data windows.
-(found bug that maybe made no difference--right_raw call to Polygon object was returning left edge)
-added "Show All" button on section window to show all the data points and model bodies.
-uncertainties on text import set to noData instead of 0
-many textboxes now automatically select all text when receiving focus (makes it easier to change numbers when tabbing through)
-changing significant digits will now make changes immediately to all data windows
-will correctly read in magnetic field from saved model file if not just simple latitude
-saves a preferences file if possible (and reads one in if available)
1.0.11-minor changes
1.0.12-added check if body is above measurement point (body is colored in the model window and values italicized)
1.0.13-compile 2009r5.1, Unihelp 4.
1.0.14-fix bug where "add points" was enabled when there was no body. Fixed bug where adding a body when the data window was open but the section window was not would cause a crash. Fixed bug where leaving a changed density field with no section window open but data window open would cause a crash. Changed so user cannot change scales while drawing a new polygon in section window. Fixed partial hiding of the Show All Button.
1.0.15-fix search for UniHelp Help folder for Windows.
1.0.18-recompile in 2011r3. Fix potential bug if fonts missing. Eliminated vanishing Bottom edit field and Show All button in section window on Windows version. Window locations now saved in preferences. Error in calculating magnetic anomaly if points were in a counterclockwise order fixed.
1.0.19-Added shortcuts to load tab delimited files on WIndows machines. Allow opening .csv files.
1.0.20-Added "dirty" flags to windows when modified. Gravity or magnetic points now hidden properly in section pane of Section Window when View Gravity or View Magnetics is turned off. Fixed bug where section pane was blank (and could cause a crash) if a data file with points all at same elevation was open before section window was opened. Fixed section pane extending off of Section Window in some circumstances. Fixed crash related to creating a body using the "Done" button.
1.0.21-Added code to save magnetics pane if visible.
1.0.22-Attempted to fix Linux file overwrite bug (doubtful).
1.0.23-compile RB2011R4 (this version drops support for PPC code)

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