Update home for Field Geophysical Software Suite that accompanies

Introduction to Applied Geophysics: Exploring the Shallow Subsurface,

by Burger, Sheehan, and Jones

Important information about the software: In the original release of the book, we included a CD-ROM with software. The updates below are from that version. However, as operating systems evolved, the original software and, most recently, the updater software fail to work. The second printing of the text in 2015 has a DVD included (not CD-ROM) with v. 2.0 of the software, which should work on most modern computers. When buying a copy of the book, if buying a new copy, be sure it says "DVD inside"on the cover. Unfortunately, photos of the book online are likely to be out of date, so just seeing the old photo might not mean that is what you would get. If you order a new copy and get the CD-ROM version, please ask the seller to exchange it for the newer printing, and let us know (cjones@colorado.edu) what vendor is still selling the old copy.

Mac OS 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan) users: The original software distributed on the CD-ROMs with the first printing of the text will not run under these OSes (it was Power-PC code originally). However, if you update that version using the updaters below, you should be able to then run the software under this OS. Just copy the Mac executables to your hard drive and then use the updater as instructed. Starting in mid-2015, second printings of the text (says "DVD" instead of "CD" on the spine) include v2.0 of all the software, which will run on Intel Macs with newer OSes; this version will not require updaters from this page.

Mac PPC users: With versions of the compiler since late 2011, support for PPC code was dropped. Because compiler updates usually improve compatibility with the newer systems, I am not attempting to maintain PPC updates after the early 2012 releases (should some critical problem emerge, I might revisit this--I do have a copy of the last PPC-capable compiler). This last version will be distributed on the second printing DVDs. It will not be updated any further.

Windows users: In general, the updated versions of the programs may not run on pre-XP versions of Windows.

Version 2.0 of the Field Geophysical Software Suite accompanies a second printing of the text from mid-2015 (the newer version says "DVD" on the spine and cover of the book instead of "CD" and the sleeve for the software says 2015). It is not dramatically different from the last 1.x version posted here (the only large change is the replacement of updating via downloads from this page to updates within the app itself).Unfortunately the updating software I had been using fails to function under current OSes I have access to, so there won't be an update from the last 1.x versions here to 2.0. Updates after v2.0 will be done directly within each program (no more visiting this page to get downloads).

View the help topics for the software (includes some FAQs; also lists some changes for updated versions of applications)

Errata from the textbook are here.

Patches for Windows version of GravMag, Refract, Resist:

Patches for Mac versions of Field Geophysical Software Suite:

No updates will be available to go from v1 to v2 (this is a problem with the patch software, which is now obsolete)

Known issues:


GravMag (v 1.0; most fixed in 1.0.14):

Refract: (most fixed in v1.1)




The geophysical software suite is cross platform, behaving the same on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux OSes.

Please send mail to cjones@colorado.edu if you encounter any problems or have suggestions.

C. H. Jones | CIRES | Dept. of Geological Sciences | Univ. of Colorado at Boulder

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