Updaters for Refract


Please be sure to read the ReadMe file included to update properly! You have to create an environment variable showing where the software is installed to have the update run correctly (instructions in the Readme). Please contact me if there are any problems with the updater. This should update either the original v 1.0 or the updated 1.1 version of Refract.

Download the Refract 1.1.9 updater (2.7 Mb, 1/10/12)


Note that after reading the information that opens when you first open the updater, you have to close that information window in order to update your old copy of Refract. You will need to have a copy of Refract on your hard drive (you cannot update a copy on the CD itself). If updating to 1.1.9 from the CD version, use the 1.0->1.1.9 updater (quicker and smaller). If on a Power PC machine (older Mac), you need the 1.1.8 updater. Others can use the 1.1.9 combo updater; this updater should update v. 1.0 (from CD), v 1.1, v 1.1.4 and v 1.1.6.

Download the Refract 1.1.9 combo updater (updates all previous public versions of Refract to 1.1.9, Intel-only version, 26 Mb, 1/10/12)

Download the Refract 1.0 -> 1.1.9 updater (only updates original CD version to current Intel-only version, much smaller, 3.7 Mb, 1/10/12)

Download the Refract 1.1.8 combo updater (updates all previous public versions of Refract to last PowerPC version, 1.1.8. 23 Mb, 1/10/12)

Release notes

v1.0.1--saving/reading data/model in km now works.

Updated to v3.2 of Unihelp

1.0.3 fixes:

1.0.4 fixes:

1.0.5 fixes/additions:

1.06 fixes:

1.0.7 fixes:

1.0.8 fixes:

1.0.9 fixes:

1.0.10 fixes:

1.0.12 fixes: Compile RB 2009v5.1, Unihelp 4.

1.0.13 fixes:



1.1.2: Geophones with no data now do not show a time of 0 when a data file is reopened.







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