Window Tricks

Selecting: The graphics windows permit certain tricks that allow more careful scutiny without having to play with the Data List window. Points can be identified merely by pointing to them with the cursor and holding down the mouse button (i.e., pointing and click-down). The identification appears in the upper left corner; for the individual sample plots, it is the demag level. For any least squares plot, it is the whole data line for that point (only the leftmost part might be visible). For any locality plot it is the sample id and the demag level. If viewing by site, these are generally replaced by the id of the first sample in the site and the number of measurements used and the alpha-95 of the Fisher mean.

Within the sample Zijder and Equal Area plots, points can be selected or deselected without recourse to the menu or the List window. Holding down the option key while in either window will make the cursor into a crosshair; points clicked on while the option key is depressed will be selected or deselected (depending on their previous status). Points selected or deselected in one window will appear the same in the other window (note that selecting other windows will update the selected list, though).

Zooming: Any portion of these windows can also be enlarged for closer scrutiny. Click down at one corner of the area to be examined (it cannot be in a plotted point) and then drag (move the mouse while holding down the mouse button) the cursor to the opposite corner of the are desired. You should see a flashing rectangle outline the region. Release the mouse button and the window will update, scaled to display only the area desired. Further zooming can be done as before, and point identification works in zoomed mode the same as outside it. Note that the symbols are not enlarged in the zoomed mode, so overlapping points in an unzoomed view will separate out in the zoomed view. The original unzoomed view can be restored by double clicking in the window. The unzoomed view will be restored whenever the points in the window are changed by changing the view using a command in the View menu or by changing the sample.

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