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Serial No. Researchers Department Institution Location
255-000(Q-AMS), 255-008(Q-AMS), 215-029(cToF), 215-039(HR-ToF) Doug Worsnop, John Jayne, Manjula Canagaratna, Tim Onasch, Achim Trimborn, Megan Northway, and Leah Williams Center for Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry Aerodyne Research Billerica, Massachusetts, USA
255-001(Q-AMS), 215-037(cToF) John Seinfeld, and Rick Flagan Department of Chemical Engineering California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California, USA
255-002(Q-AMS), 255-010(Q-AMS), 255-019(cToF) Hugh Coe, Keith Bower, James Allan Atmospheric Physics Group University of Manchester Manchester, UK
255-004(Q-AMS) Darin Toohey Dept. Atmospheric and Oceanic Science University of Colorado at Boulder Boulder, Colorado, USA
255-004(HR-ToF) Qi Zhang Aerosol Science Lab, Deparment of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences State University of New York at Albany Albany, New York, USA
255-005(Q-AMS) Jonathan Allen Departments of Chemical and Environmental Engineering [ Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona, USA
255-006(Q-AMS) Eiko Nemitz [ Atmospheric Sciences Division CEH (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology) Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
255-007(Q-AMS), 255-025(HR-ToF) Johannes Schneider,Frank Drewnick and Stephan Borrmann Particle Chemistry Max Planck Institute for Chemistry Mainz, Germany
255-009(Q-AMS) Yutaka Kondo and Nobu Takegawa Center for Advanced Science and Technology University of Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
255-011(Q-AMS) Ann Middlebrook and Roya Bahreini Aeronomy Laboratory National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Boulder, Colorado, USA
255-012(Q-AMS), 215-043(HR-ToF), 255-024(Q-AMS) Shao-Meng Li, Richard Leaitch, Kathy Hayden Atmospheric Division Environment Canada Toronto, Canada
255-013(Q-AMS) John Jayne et al. DoE Research Aircraft Facility, DOE Atmospheric Chemistry Program, and DOE Pacific NorthWest National Lab Aerodyne / Department of Energy
255-014(Q-AMS), 215-028(cToF), 215-030(HR-ToF) Jose-Luis Jimenez and the Jimenez Group (Q-AMS and Margaret Tolbert) Chemistry, and CIRES University of Colorado at Boulder Boulder, Colorado, USA
255-015(Q-AMS) Thomas Mentel and Astrid Kiendler-Scharr Juelich Research Center Juelich, Germany
255-016(Q-AMS), 215-042(HR-ToF) Prof. Imamura, Akinori Takami, Takao Miyoshi and Shiro Hatakeyama Atmospheric Environmental Division NIES Tsukuba, Japan
255-017(Q-AMS) Masabumi Yoshimura and Tomoniri Takada Japan Clean Air Program (JCAP) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Ministry of Environment Tokyo, Japan
255-018(Q-AMS) Phil Silva Department of Chemistry Utah State University Logan, Utah, USA
255-020(Q-AMS) Derek Montague and Terry Deshler Department of Atmospheric Sciences University of Wyoming Wyoming, USA
255-022(Q-AMS) Ken-Ichi Akiyama Japan Automotive Research Institute (JARI) Japan
255-023(Q-AMS) Akio Shimono Sanyu Plant Service Japan
255-026(Q-AMS) Rob Griffin Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space University of New Hampshire Durham, NH, USA
215-027(Q-AMS) Tim Bates and Trish Quinn Atmospheric Chemistry Group NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) Seattle, Washington, USA
215-031(Q-AMS) Lynn Russell Scripps Institute of Oceanography University of California, San Diego La Jolla, California, USA
215-032(Q-AMS) Ari Laaksonen Dept. of Applied Physics University of Kuopio Kuopio, Finland
215-033(Q-AMS) [ Junying Sun] Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences (CAMS) Beijing, China
215-034(Q-AMS) Rami Alfarra, Andre Prevot, and Urs Baltensperger Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry Paul Scherrer Institut Villigen, Switzerland
215-035(Q-AMS) Spyros Pandis, Allen Robinson, and Neil Donahue Depts. of Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Carnegie Mellon Pittsburgh, PA, USA
215-036(Q-AMS) Yi-Nan Lee Atmospheric Sciences Division Brookhaven National Lab Brookhaven, NY, USA
215-038(cToF) Mike Alexander Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) Richland, Washington, USA
215-040(Q-AMS) Jim Sloan Dept. of Chemistry University of Waterloo Waterloo, Canada
215-041(cToF) John Jayne et al. Center for Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry, and Atmospheric Sciences Division Aerodyne and Brookhaven National Lab Billerica, MA, and Brookhaven, NY, USA