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This page serves as a repository of the tasks for which various people have volunteered in support of the AMS Community. (Note that we don't list tasks which are people's regular jobs, such as Squirrel development for Donna, etc.). There is always room for additional volunteers, so let us know if you are interested. If you no longer have time for a task listed below, just let us know.

Task Person Group
Maintaining the AMS Papers page Michael Lechner and Jose-Luis Jimenez Colorado
Maintaining and expanding the AMS Glossary Wiki Delphine Farmer and Jose-Luis Jimenez Colorado
Maintaining the AMS Users Meeting and Clinic pages and presentations Carly Robinson Colorado

Hardware and Data Acquisition
Task Person Group
Maintaining and expanding the FAQ_AMS_Hardware Bill Brooks Aerodyne
Maintaining and expanding the Field_ToF-AMS_Operation Peter DeCarlo PSI

Software and Data Analysis
Task Person Group
Architecture support for Igor data analysis software James Allan Manchester
m/z calibration guru and reporter at the Users Meeting John Shilling PNNL
Squirrel baseline guru and reporter at the Users Meeting Tim Onasch Aerodyne
Peak width and peak shape guru and reporter at the Users Meeting Pete DeCarlo PSI
PIKA fitting guru and reporter at the Users Meeting Delphine Farmer Colorado
Maintaining the PIKA ion list Puneet Chhabra (chair), Qi Chen, Delphine Farmer, and Niall Robinson Caltech, Harvard, Colorado, and Manchester
Developing and maintaining the HR error evaluation tool Mike Cubison Colorado
Maintaining the PET (PMF Evaluation Tool) and PMF-AMS_Analysis_Guide Ingrid Ulbrich Colorado
Maintaining and expanding the Field_Data_Analysis_Guide Ken Docherty EPA

Task Person Group
Managing and expanding the UMR AMS database Ingrid Ulbrich and Michael Lechner Colorado
Managing and expanding the High-Resolution AMS database Pete DeCarlo and Ken Docherty PSI and EPA
Managing and expanding the Thermodenuder-AMS database Jose-Luis Jimenez and Michael Lechner Colorado