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Guidelines for Participation in ANYL Seminar Program

1. Faculty members will continue to give 20-minute research presentations on the first available Mondays in the fall semester.

2. Graduate student participation in the Seminar Program will be as follows:

  • All graduate students are expected to attend all of the seminars in the program.
  • 1st year students will give 20-minute presentations prior to Thanksgiving.
  • 2nd year students, who will be taking their oral comprehensive exams, will not give seminars.
  • 3rd year students will give a 30 minute seminar, normally in the spring semester. After the seminar, the audience will be excused and the student together with the ANYL/ENV/ATM faculty members will discuss the student’s progress towards a Ph.D. thesis. This is not an exam or evaluation, but just an opportunity for feedback and guidance on the general progress and goals of the PhD research. The whole session should be done in 1 hr, so please practice to ensure timing.
  • 4th year and older students will not be expected to give seminars, other than their defense, or as part of the summer Supergroup.
  • All 4th year and older students are part of a committee that should select 2 external speakers each year, to be hosted by the students.
  • All graduate students defenses (PhD and MS) are considered part of the seminar program. Ideally defenses should occur at regular seminar times, but special times can be chosen if needed. The student will give a 45 minute public seminar followed by a closed session with the members of their thesis committee.

3. During each AY, each faculty member in the division, in consultation with their research group, should plan to invite and host one outside speaker. The costs associated with these speakers will be paid for by the Dept. of Chemistry. Faculty members who wish to invite additional outside speakers should contact CIRES or the Environmental Program about support for these speakers. Faculty members can also invite local scientists as speakers, but they should attempt to choose speakers whose research would be interesting to most of the people who regularly attend the seminars.

4. It is likely that given the guidelines above, it will not be necessary to schedule seminars on all Mondays during the AY. However, when seminars are scheduled, all faculty members in the division are committed to attending them and to requiring attendance of their research groups.

Version history

  • v4: rev. 10-Jun-2020 to adapt to current practices (Jose) / v3: Minor revisions Dec 2018 (AVH) / v2: Revised 21-Apr-2010 / v1: 9-Aug-2004

Funding for ANYL Seminar Program

  • As reported by Bob Sievers on 20-Apr-2010
  • The Department provides $5 - 10K annually per division for the seminar series
  • The university will reimburse economy airfare and accommodation (the department has standing order with some hotels)
  • The university requires original itemized receipts and proof of payment for travel expenses in order to process reimbursements
  • The university requires a social security number and home address
  • Travel vouchers are processed and approved by the College of Arts and Sciences
  • 3 students or postdocs max for lunch with outside speaker
  • Speaker and 2 faculty members for dinner

Steps for Organization of ANYL Seminar Program

Step No. Step Description Time until seminar Person in Charge Also for Local Speakers?
1 Invite external speaker, decide on a date 12-2 months before Inviting faculty Yes
2 Reserve date on seminar calendar Wiki As soon as decided Inviting faculty (mark as "host") Yes
3 Travel arrangements of external speaker:
  • Anne books reservation at Hotel Boulderado
  • Speaker books own plane ticket
  • Speaker arranges ground transport from/to airport
2 months before Anne Not usually, but mileage or a rental car is available if coming from out of town
4 Organize meeting schedule for speaker via Web sign up sheet for schedule Beginning of semester (and as needed) Inviting faculty + Anne Up to inviter / speaker
5 Collect & post abstracts, and send seminar announcements to email lists <,, as appropriate> Post: >3 weeks

Email: Weds before, and day of

Anne Yes
6 Collect receipts and other documentation for reimbursement Week after seminar Anne As needed
7 Submit reimbursement request to chemistry department finance team 2 weeks after seminar Anne As needed

Meals with Seminar Speakers

Listed below are some guidelines for taking seminar speakers out to lunch. CU’s policies may change, so if you are unsure of anything, talk to Anne beforehand.


  • The restaurants on the Hill change pretty frequently, so if you're not familiar with them it's best to ask someone who has hosted recently what places they prefer. Past favorites include The Corner and Half Fast Subs.

Paying for meals

  • It's easiest to pay with a P-card, so make sure than at least one person going to lunch has one. You can’t use a P-Card to buy alcohol, so if any is ordered it will have to be paid personally, and not reimbursed.
  • When you pay, let the server know before they print the bill that you will be paying with a tax-exempt credit card and that you need an itemized receipt. Restaurants on the Hill are pretty familiar with this procedure so you shouldn't have any problems.


  • This charge will be submitted in the usual way through Concur. Ask Anne for the seminar speedtype. You'll code the expense as an "event" for a small group, which requires you to list the names of the attendees.