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The purpose of this page is to serve as a repository of schedules and information for the participation of the Jimenez group in the ARCTAS campaign.

Personnel schedule on group calendar

Information on Phase I (past) is below for reference. Jose moved the logistical info below the to-do list on 14-June-08.

To-do List for ARCTAS-2

Instrument - Priority 1 during CARB at Palmdale

  • Prepare PCI software for PID controller
  • Flight 12 submission
  • Fri 20-Jun 2008
    • Check beam position and width in pre-flight if no problems
  • Discuss size cut of inlets with Jack Dibb and Rodney
  • Mike's task list
    • Customs list
    • Replot timetrace of all flights on "standard format", give copy to Jose for reference)
    • Install all plane software on Mike's old laptop, so that his personal laptop can serve as backup for plane laptop in case of catastrophic failure, and test that it works
    • Start, mid-flight, and shutdown checklists
    • Keep measuring IE/AB over a full day (transient effects)
    • Make basic loss calculations (inc res time) on inlet
  • Stuff we are waiting on
    • (Waiting for parts): Install new Omega PID controller for PCI
    • (Waiting for ML): Order and ship spare batteries for thermocouple in plane
    • (Waiting for parts): Connect exhaust of MD1 when connectors arrive from ML
    • (Waiting for Thomas about TPS error message: uups... / data crc / rx error: 5)
    • (Waiting for parts from EMCO, and also response from Bill Brooks): Connect multiplier HV supply to hard mirror, so that we can run W-mode in forest fire plumes

Second Priority

  • Think whether to run at higher MCP and lower emission current for forest fires (less chance of missing threshold, reduce change of saturation in fires)
  • Investigate how we can refill the lecture bottle (ask Eric Apel)
  • Connect UPS software for battery indication
  • Fix 12 V power supply in TPS for preamp
  • Get an install 2 bike cupholders

Data Analysis to-do (in approx order of priority)

  • Process fast data and resubmit with those
  • Re-generate slides from mid-campaign prez with new data
  • Generate PToF data:
    • Compare to Grimm, LARGE OPC+SMPS, SP2 OPC (>250nm) to evaluate size transmission
    • Evaluate whether the different slopes with light scattering are due to size distribution changes (F8)
  • Evaluate the O/C data from Allison
  • Why are filter levels for Org (maybe also NO3, m/z 16) variable (TO/landing)?
    • is it mz29 or 44? Quantify in TT and squirrel
  • Implement the time-dependent CO2 and H2O corrections for the flights (or decide that they are not needed)
    • We can probably measure frag_org[18] directly in this way
  • Use plumes to align our data to others


  • Repeat PCI transmission experiment

For Donna (in approx order of priority)

  • Improve Squirreling of the Fast Mode data (F4 and/or F5)

For future campaigns

  • Timetrace of a few HR peaks as in flux mode?
  • Test and enable cell-phone filtering
  • Put together leak detector with V70, controller, AC MD1, and SRS or Balzers RGA
  • Stuff for Joel
    • Fix timetrace for Fast mode (SO4 goes down, others go up) -- already told him
    • Gaps of 5s in fast timetrace?

Shipping Info for ARCTAS-2

Karen Richards - DC-8 ARCTAS (Attn: AMS / Jimenez)
Mail Stop 2332
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
Bldg. 4876 Warehouse #6
Lilly Drive
Edwards, CA 93524
Phone: +1-661 212 0155

Logistics for Summer Phase


  • Mike Cubison
    • Accomodations for June 13th thru June 26th
      • Courtyard in Palmdale
      • Confirmation: 80592634
      • Phone: 661.947.4100
      • Address: 530 West Rancho Vista Blvd. Palmdale, CA 93551
      • Price $118.00/night
    • Accomodations for June 29th
      • Edmonton International Airport/Leduc Travelodge Suites
      • Confirmation: N469HV
      • Price: $82.00/night
      • Transportation: shuttle to and from airport
    • Bus leaves from airport at 13:30 June 30th for Cold Lake
      • More Details Coming soon
    • Accomodations for June 30th thru July 12th
      • Cold Lake Base
      • Confirmed - Confirmed-no confirmation code
      • $25.00/night
  • Jose Jimenez
    • Accomodations for June 13th thru June 26th
      • Courtyard in Palmdale
      • Confirmation: 80592634
      • Phone: 661.947.4100
      • Address: 530 West Rancho Vista Blvd. Palmdale, CA 93551
      • Price: $118.00/night
    • Accomodations June 26th thru July 12th
      • Cold Lake Base
      • Confirmation - Confirmed-no confirmation code
      • $25.00/night
    • Bus leaves from Cold Lake at 6:30 and arrives at Airport at 11:30.
  • Donna Sueper
    • Accomodations June 26th thru July 6th
      • Cold Lake Base
      • Confirmation - Confirmed-no confirmation code


  • Mike Cubison and Jose Jimenez
    • Date: June 13 thru June 14th
      • Company: Hertz
      • Location: Palmdale Airport
      • Confirmation Number: E0402631248
      • Price: 34.49 (10% disc. for CU)
      • Details: Have flight number so will make sure that they stay open until arrival
    • Date: June 14th
      • Company: Enterprise
      • Location: 445 W. Palmdale Blvd./Palmdale, CA/93551
      • Phone: 661.274.2585
      • Confirmation: Jose Jimenez
      • Details: Open from 9:00am until noon on Sat. the 14th. There is a Hertz rental car right next to enterprise. When the Hertz car is checked out the day before let them know you will be returning it at a different location. Otherwise you can call Enterprise for pickup at the number above.

Integration Phase

(inclusive dates):

  • 2/22: Truck leaves Boulder with AMS and rest of kit
  • 2/29: Truck arrives in Palmdale,
  • 3/4: AMS onto plane
  • 3/12: Power Check
  • 3/17: Safety Brief
  • 3/18-20: Test Flights
  • 4/1: Transit to AK

Fairbanks Phase


  • 4/1 Jose travels to AK
  • 4/4 Anticipated first science flight
  • 4/21 DC-8 transit to Palmdale - Mike.
  • 4/24 Mike travels back to CO

Hotel for J-Group

  • Company: Sophie's Station
  • Phone: 1-800-528-4916
  • Dates: April 1st - April 21st
  • Name on Reservation: Jose Jimenez & Mike Cubison
  • Confirmation Number: 2733120
  • Total: $75.00/ night to be paid on-site
  • Details: 24 hour cancellation