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The Whisper Series features extraordinarily low pressure drops, as low as 3.6 mbar (0.052 psi) at full scale, or 0.018 mbar when fully turned down (200:1 turndown). Low pressure drop means minimal system impact, resulting in faster mass flow measurement (<10 ms). Therefore, these flow meters are optimally suited for most flow measurements used in our lab, thus replacing the Gilibrator, or Drycal.

We now have two of these flow meters: 1 that has a maximum flow of 10 SLPM [named - FLOBI-10], and 1 that has a maximum flow of 20 SLPM [named - FLOBI-20].

Things to remember when using these flow meters:

1) Do not over pressurize them (max = 50 PSIG).

2) Make sure the correct gas is selected for your measurements (Menu-> Gas Select).

3) Make sure to select your desired output, either LPM or SLPM.

4) Make sure to Tare the flow meter prior to measuring your flow.

5) Note the starting pressure at the upper left corner on the flow meter's main screen (eg 12.03 PSIA).

6) If the pressure drops by > 0.08 (PSID) for FLOBI-10, or >0.25 (PSID) for FLOBI-20 the accuracy of your flow measurement is reduced and you should find another device with a smaller pressure drop. For more information on pressure drop click here.

7) Turn off switch after use to conserve battery!


PSIG = pounds per square inch guage = pressure is relative to atmospheric pressure.

PSIA = pound per square inch absolute = pressure is relative to a vacuum.

PSID = pounds per square inch differential = the difference in pressure from the inlet to the outlet

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