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This is the new web home page for the graduate course CHEM-5151 / ATOC-5151: Atmospheric Chemistry, when taught by Prof. Jose-Luis Jimenez. Prof. Jimenez has offered this course in Spring 2005 and Spring 2013.

General Information

Igor Software



Lectures, Reading, and Homeworks

These lectures are updated every year that the course is offered, so you should not print them ahead of time as they will likely change for the present year. Relevant printouts will be distributed at the start of every lecture.



Specific Areas

  • Stratospheric Chemistry (won't cover in 2013 due to lack of time & student preference)
    • Required Reading: Chapter 10 of Jacob
    • Suggested Reading: Chapters 12 & 13 of Finlayson-Pitts & Pitts
  • Acid Deposition (won't cover explicitly in 2013, some of it covered in aerosol lecture)


Reference Materials

Atmospheric Chemistry Courses at Other Universities

Other References

Best Grades in Past Offerings

  • Spring 2013: Josh Aikins (ATOC)
  • Spring 2005: Ingrid Ulbrich (CHEM)