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This is the web page for the Atmospheric Chemistry II Course at CU-Boulder (CHEM/ATOC-5152). It was first offered in Spring 2015. So far it has been taught by Profs. Paul Ziemann, Joost de Gouw, and Jose-Luis Jimenez.

Organizational Info for Spring 2017

Topics, Lecture Notes, and Readings

Note: this list contains material from several course offerings and several professors. There could be some redundancy, and not all topics are covered at the same depth every year.

Introductory Material

Box models & Kinetics, Radical Chemistry, Tropospheric O3 Formation


VOC oxidation & Secondary Organic Aerosol formation mechanisms

Aerosols, Condensation, Partitioning

  • Aerosol loss mechanisms and inlets
    • Aerosol Calculator by Paul Baron
    • Knopf et al., 2015: "Radial Diffusion and Penetration of Gas Molecules and Aerosol Particles through Laminar Flow Reactors, Denuders, and Sampling Tubes"


Chambers and Reactors

Key Instrumentation

  • Thermal Desorption Particle Beam Mass Spectrometry

Other possible topics

  • Positive Matrix Factorization (PMF) and use of the PET and/or ME-2 software tools
  • Introduction to analysis of actual data from instruments (e.g. AMS or CIMS with Igor packages)
  • Other topics of direct research-related interest to students and their advisors

Award for Best Grade in the Course

  • Spring 2017: Benjamin Demming (CHEM, Ziemann group)
  • Spring 2015: Demetrios Pagonis (CHEM, Ziemann group)