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Purpose of this Page

This page is a repository of scientific information and links for the field experiment at the Los Angeles CalNex Supersite (*) as part of the CalNex-2010 field campaign. The focus of the campaign is to study nightime chemistry (led by Jochen Stutz of UCLA) and formation of secondary organic aerosol (led by Joost de Gouw of NOAA and Jose-Luis Jimenez of CU-Boulder). Prospective investigators who are interested in participating in this study should contact these PIs.

(*) Not to be confused with the Southern CA EPA Supersite which is headed by Costas Sioutas and located elsewhere.

There is no specific call for proposals for CalNex-LA. NOAA investigators will be funded by internal NOAA funds, while university investigators need to find relevant funding. CARB and NOAA are funding a limited number of external investigators.

Data Server

  • The list of instrumentation deployed at the site is here
  • The data for the ground site is being moved to this web site from the FTP site, by Ken Aikin of NOAA. The username and password are the same as for the FTP site and the presentations from this Wiki.

Meetings and Plots During the Campaign

Presentations After the Campaign

Future meetings

  • People are encouraged to present posters at Fall AGU (Dec. 2010, San Francisco)
  • A 3-day data analysis meeting will take place in Spring 2011. Tentative dates are May 16-20, 2011 in Sacramento, CA
  • The main meeting for presentation of scientific results will be the Fall AGU in 2011 (Dec. in San Francisco)

Model Results for the CalNex-LA Site

  • Other models that will or may be running the CalNex-LA period and location include:
    • Qinbin Lee and Dan Chen at UCLA (WRF/Chem)
    • Gabi Pfister of NCAR (WRF/Chem)

Information and Links for other CalNex Components

Logistics During the Campaign

All logistical information is centralized on the CalNex-LA Logistics Page.

Related Information and Links