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IMPORTANT: this page is no longer updated, as we are doing this now via Asana (as of Dec 2015). It is only kept here for general reference

The purpose of this page is to serve as a guide for the "Check-in" of new members of the Jimenez Group at CU-Boulder.

Paperwork, Keys, etc.

___ Register with the International Students & Scholars Office (non-US citizens only)
___ Get a Social Security Number at the Boulder SS Office (non-US citizens only)
___ Do personnel paperwork with the CIRES Administration (Rhonda Miller as of April'10) (grad students have done this already)
___ Get a CU Identification Card ("Buff OneCard") (grad students have done this already)
___ Sign up for an email account with CIRES Computing Facility (through Rhonda) (grad students already have an email acct)
___ Get a CU Identikey through the CIRES Computing Facility (through Rhonda) (Needed for wireless access & VPN) (grad students have done this already)
___ Get keys for lab (Cristol 350, key ), your office, and the fax/printer room at CIRES (key ABM1) (from Rob Schubert as of Oct'13) (or from Denise Thomas for CHEM (i.e. Cristol) rooms, if applicable)
___ Have Rob Schubert add your Buff OneCard to the after-hours building access of Ekeley and Cristol (including Cristol loading dock)
___ Get your name on the CIRES Mailboxes and get a mailbox number (with CIRES Mssg Center as well)
___ Get the copier code from Lab Assistant: _____________ (only for work-related copies) (see Grants+Email sheet in JG_Organization).
___ Get the long distance phone and fax code from Lab Assistant: _____________ (only for work-related calls) (see Grants+Email sheet in JG_Organization.
___ Give Lab Assistant your picture and other information to be added to the Group Members web page
___ Sign up for an "A-Card" (or "P-Card") with Jennie Bell
___ Sign up for a Travel Card with CIRES Travel [(only way to do car rentals in the field, also useful to avoid putting travel expenses in your personal credit card)
___ Have business cards made (by CIRES Mssg Center for postdocs and from Imaging Services for students (but purchase Faculty/Staff style, not "student" style)
___ Read through the J-Group Policies and Procedures and give a signed copy to Jose (via email)
___ Read through the J-Group FAQs
___ Read through the Jimenez/Ziemann Shop rules, also see the certifications section below (schedule and attend shop safety orientation)
___ Add youself to J-Group Contacts spreadsheet. After you make the edits in Google Sheets, download a csv version of the file and import it into your Google Contacts (File=>Download as=>Comma Seperated Value (.csv,current sheet))

Email Lists

___ Sign up for the Jimenez Group email list at
___ Sign up for the Colorado Front Range Aerosol Community email list at
___ Sign up for the CU Analytical & Environmental Chemistry Seminars email list at
_X_ Note that you will be automatically signed up for the NOAA CSD Seminars List when you sign up to the Jimenez-Group list
___ Sign up for AMS-Users Email lists following these instructions (if working w/ AMS)
___ Sign up for the ARI ToF-CIMS Users Email List (ask Joel Kimmel) (if working w/ ToF-CIMS)
___ Sign up for Chemistry Dept. email list(s) following this link. The "Universe" list may be the most appropriate. (note you may need to be on the VPN or locally connected at CU to access this page)

Computer Software and Network Resources

___ Review Computer FAQ's on Policy_Procedures wiki.
___ Install J-Group.Bookmarks from the Computer FAQ's in your default browser.
___ Check the "StandardInstall" wiki for information on standard software and settings.
___ Make sure that you have Windows Update turned on
___ Install the free Microsoft System Center Endppoint Protection (University owned computer) or Microsoft Security Essentials for personally owned computers that don't already have virus protection.
___ Install Latest version of Igor Pro (if not there already)
___ Install Microsoft Office (if not there already)
___ Set up Feedly to keep on top of the literature in our field
___ Sign up to Google+ and ask Lab Assistant to add you to the Literature, J-Grp Internal, and J-Grp News Communities
___ Install Mendeley
___ Install CU VPN to access CU resources (such as online journals) from off-campus
___ Install Adobe Acrobat following the instructions on the group restricted page - 10/2014 - will need to purchase license through Marketplace (or have Lab Assistant purchase)
___ Install Viceversa backup software (if not there already) following the instructions on the group restricted page
___ Install Carbonite online backup from the Carbonite website. Purchase $59.99 version using your or Lab Assistant's pcard. (soon to be moving to a localized backup solution 8/2014)
___ Program Viceversa to backup your computer hard drive at least every week (better every day)
___ Get the username: ______________ and password: _________________ for the shared computers in the lab (same for all)
___ Get the username: ______________ and password: _________________ for the group restricted web page from Lab Assistant
___ Request a wiki account. Select "Create Account" from the options on the top right of any J-Group wiki page. username: ______________ and password: _________________
___ Have Lab Assistant share with you the JG_Organization and JG_Schedule Google Docs (as well as any other relevant docs)
___ Get a Google Calendar account
___ Get a Skype Account, Install Skype and add all J-Group users as Contacts (listed in Grants+Gmail tab of JG_Organization document.
___ Sign up for Asana (Task management software used by the group)
___ Have Lab Assistant share with you the following calendars: "Jimenez Group General" and "JG.LabResources" (You should always keep updated on "Jimenez Group General" the working days during which you are away (on business or personal travel)
___ Add to your calendar the "ANYL Seminars" one (Calendar ID:
___ Install the EduRoam Wifi software in your computer and your smartphone (secure Wifi at CU to avoid "man in the middle attacks", free Wifi at NCAR, NOAA, lots of Universities US and Internationally)
___ Review & bookmark our Practical Reference Wiki Page and familiarize yourself with contents
___ Review & bookmark our Key Scientific References Wiki Page and familiarize yourself with contents (ignore for now as this is out of date)

Computer Hardware and Printers

___ Do you have a Windows laptop? If not find a used / order a new Dell laptop
___ Do you have at least one backup hard drive? If not get one from Apricorn
___ Install and test the HP CP4525 printer in Cristol 334, and/or the HP M551 printer in Cristol 441A.
___ (If useful) Install the CIRES Printers on the 2nd floor or the 3rd floor

Safety & Compliance Certifications

___Take EH&S Hazardous Materials Course (on site at EH&S) BEFORE using any chemicals in the lab. See info here & email EH&S to signup for a class at (First-year CHEM students who TA typically have to take this during orientation. Call EH&S if unsure if you had it.). When you receive official notification of training, email a copy to Lab Assistant. Edit HazMat sheet in JG_Organization google doc to add your official training dates.

___Read the Radiation Safety Handbook and sign up for the Radiation Safety Course at EH&S for "sealed sources" BEFORE using an SMPS or associated Kr-85 sealed sources. If you will be using Sealed sources, read documentation and take online quiz. Send confirmation of training to Lab Assistant. Edit JG_Organization document: Radiation Sheet and enter your info. Links to training documents/quizes are also in the JG_Organization document on the Radiation Page.

___Schedule and attend a "Shop Safety & Use" orientation with either Lab Assistant or Jordan

___ IF you will be partially or completely funded by NSF, complete the Online Training Course on the Responsible Conduct of Research

___ IF you will work with or collaborate with Aerodyne, or with other companies, complete the Disclosure of External Professional Activities