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IMPORTANT: this page is no longer updated, as we are doing this now via Asana. It is only kept here for general reference

The purpose of this page is to serve as a guide for the "Check-out" of members leaving Jimenez Group at CU-Boulder.

Admin Stuff

___ Return your keys to Lab Assistant
___ Return your A-Card & Travel Card to Jennie (or destroy them)
___ For international folks: E-mail Rhonda Miller ( and let her know the last date of employment. She e-mails back with a detailed check list which also has a link to the form that needs to be submitted to the International Student and Scholar Services.
___ Return your group laptop to Lab Assistant. If you are keeping it longer while finishing group work, let us know when we can expect it back
___ Return any group hard drives, screens, keyboards etc. to Lab Assistant
___ Remove yourself from any email lists and shared documents that are no longer relevant, including group list and JG-Org, JG-Sched
___ Ask Lab Assistant to move you from the Group members page to the Group Alumni page with the correct info about your new job (if known)

Scientific Archiving & Backup (&)

___ Provide a copy of all your CU-Boulder work folders to Lab Assistant for backup & archiving
___ Provide a copy of all your CU-Boulder work "final" folders to Lab Assistant for backup & archiving (subset of experiments with the most updated analyses)
___ Provide the Igor experiments of all the figures in your published or submitted papers to Lab Assistant for archiving (single .zip file of all PXPs, one per figure, with the "File" --> "Save Graph Copy" Igor command)
___ Note that the purpose of this archiving and backup is to allow us to keep a backup copy in case all your copies failed, and also to open the files and have some hope to extract results if e.g. 5 years from now you have moved on and someone really needs the data. It is important for future research efforts. We are responsible to the funding agencies and the research community to keep the data available indefinitely, and this is now enforced very stringently. E.g. every proposal requires a "data management" section where we have to explain how we do this. Thanks for complying with this item. Due the importance of this item, and to poor compliance and lost information by some past group members, future letters of recommendation may be delayed until these items have been provided.

Suggestions for Improvements for the Group

___ Quickly read and suggest changes on the J-Group Policies and Procedures, J-Group FAQs, and the FAQs for prospective J-group members
___ Discuss with Jose and Doug if you have ideas to improve the workings of the group