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Organizing a Clinic or Similar Meeting at CU-Boulder

Previous Clinic Pages

Months Before the Clinic

Update Email List

Add additional email addresses from Aerodyne's email list to the Clinic email list.

Hotel Blocks

We typically reserve room blocks at four different hotels:

When negotiating with the hotel make sure to not become responsible for a block of hotel rooms. Make sure they are just offering a discounted group rate and that individuals are responsible for payment. Should make contact 3 months before clinic.

  • Millenium
    • contact: Gina Isenberg
    • email:
    • phone: 720-278-6902
  • Boulder Inn
    • contact: Ari Rubin
    • email:
    • phone: 303-449-3800
  • Boulder Outlook
    • contact: Sue Ozburn
    • email:
    • phone: 720-974-7700
  • Quality Inn
    • call and ask for the group reservation manager
    • phone: 303-449-7550

Google Site

  • Create a Google Form for people to sign up. Include name, affiliation, dates of attendance, and items they will present, as well as topics of special interest.


Typically we have used Panera bread for all coffee breaks and a lunch. They will deliver directly to the university and have been reliable in the past.

It is good to get in contact a month or so before the clinic and send them a tentative ordering schedule so they can order more supplies if needed and also to get updated pricing / menu from them.

Use a copy of the previous clinic catering schedule as a template Clinic Catering 2012

We have also used Chipotle burritos for lunch which is quite simple. You can call 24 hours in advance for a Burrito box which they will fill with an assortment of different burritos. Burrito Box

Group Dinner

In the past this has been done at Antica Roma, Leaf & Sherpas

A large group dinner needs to be organized for approximately 60 people.

Room Reservation

University Room Reservations can be done through Anne McWilliams (

Typically the clinic is scheduled over the University's spring break which allows us to reserve large classrooms. This reservation needs to be made as early as possible to avoid any potential conflicts.

In the past we have reserved E1B20 & E1B50. Potentially looking into a classroom equipped with classroom capture for 2013.


A month or so in advance of the clinic it is a good idea to check the internet situation. University of Colorado OIT can create a username and password for access to UCB Wireless (not guest). In the past they have not deactivated the old user name, it is worth a call each year to determine whether or not it is still active.

username: confams


Each year (as seen on the top of this page) a wiki page with relevant logistical and clinic information has been created as a reference.

Request Doors Open

Contact building manager Rob Schubert ( and arrange to have the doors unlocked on the weekends surrounding the clinic.

Before the Clinic


Hook up webcams, projectors, microphones, computers, etc. and test together as you would use them during the clinic.

Name Tags

Use Avery #74459 hanging-style name badges and associated perforated paper. Can order through the CIRES message center

Example of previous years name tags for design template: Name Tag Template

Finalize Catering

Get sidewalk pass from CIRES office for large deliveries so that the driver can pull all the way up to Ekeley.

Check in and make sure that delivery times & amounts are clear. Typically set delivery times to a half hour before the food / beverages are needed.

Payment for Catering from Aerodyne

Contact Cameron Martin for method of Payment ( ).

Eldorado Spring Water

Call Eldorado Spring Water ((303) 499-9640) with Account information and request that they double the typical order amount before the clinic (at a minimum). Find out if the driver will be on campus during the clinic in case extra water is needed.

Media Cabinet Key

Media Cabinet Keys can be issued to any staff member by request from OIT.

OIT contact page

Extension Cords / Power Strips

Extension cords and power strips are often kept in the lab and also at the storage area on East Campus. Good idea to wrangle up ten or so of each and make sure they are accessible before the clinic.

Get Hardware Together for Clinic

  • Clickers & Base station
  • Laptop w/ up-to-date versions of MS Office, Igor, VLC, and with Windows and Antivirus up to date
  • Monitor Switch (Jose's Office)
  • Monitor cables and extenders (3 x VGA)
    • Remind Mac users to bring any special adaptors they need to go to VGA
  • Laser Pointer
  • For the Hardware day
    • Webcam and USB extenders
    • Webcam stand and clamp
    • Multimeter
    • Oscilloscope
    • Rubber Gloves
    • All AMS boxes
      • Computer
      • Pump Box
      • Electronics Box
      • Power Box
    • Static mat & grounding clips
    • Chopper
    • Possibly CToF ToF to show lens stack, filament, heater.

Day Before Clinic

AMS Handouts

Print enough handouts (double sided) for everyone attending the clinic AMS Hardware Handout

Signs for Clinic

Post signs directing attendees to the appropriate room on the Northeast entrance of Ekeley Clinic Signs

AMS Diagram Poster

Typically hanging in the Jimenez lab (also one in Jose's office) Hang up the day before the clinic starts as a reference for the Hardware portion of the clinic.

Layout Extension Cords / Power Strips

Run power for the attendees the day before, using the outlets along the wall try and get the best coverage for the room as possible.

Setup Extra Collapsible Tables

Bring ~3 for food / name tags / hardware demos