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Severity Window Description Work around Fixed In Version
Minor Menu Window Digital Out values were forced to "0" each time menu window was opened 3.0.29

Minor Acquisition Window Nitrate loadings displayed in table are actually 3x NH4 loading. Error in DAQ calculation. Display and raw data not affected (Squirrel correct). Nitrate loading recorded in infoVal dataset and real time is wrong. 3.0.21

Minor Menu Window If swap button was used, calibration group and sampling type values did not update. Change manually after swap. 3.0.21

Minor Acquisition Window First PTOF display inactive. Acquisition is not affected. Suspect bug appeared in roughly v3.0.15 3.0.21
Minor Bitwise Changes to MCP voltage using +/- 10V buttons are not saved to menu. Input new voltages in calibration window. 3.0.24

Major BFSP Acquisition AS BFSP filtering never found particles. Input appropriate masses for user m/z filtering 3.0.17+
Minor Menu Window GZip compression would turn on/off independent of check box in menu window. 3.0.15+
Minor Acquisition Window Software crashed if acquisition was stopped in, for instance, V-mode, acquire window was exited, menu was changed to W-mode using arrows on front panel, and acquisition was restarted. 3.0.14+
Minor Acquisition Crash at save with error to the effect of "Path C:/ToFAMS/ToFAMSData/LogFiles/TimeTrace/MS/xxx_MS.itx does not exist" (i) Disable Save or RT on Avg and Saving Tab or (ii) Manually create directory ToFAMSData/LogFiles/MS 3.0.10+

Minor Non-autosave (F3) PTOF HDF PTOF save with F3 has error in RunInfo dataset that prevents normal use in Squirrel. Email Joel/Donna for Squirrel fix 3.0.8+
Minor Itx File InfoVals in itx files later than version 3.0.0 had syntax error that prevented files from being opened in Igor. 3.0.6+