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This Wiki page is a repository for information for the Organization and Logistics of the DAURE Campaign. Anyone involved in the campaign can add information directly, but due to problems with Spam you do need to login (and create an account if you don't have one already). You can also email Jose with any information and he can add it quickly to the site.

Location and Logistics of Urban (Barcelona) Site

  • The host institute in Barcelona is located here
  • The urban site is located very close to the host institute

Xavier Querol
Institute of Earth Sciences -Jaume Almera
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC)
C/ LLuis Sole' i Sabari's S/N
08028 Barcelona
00 34 93 4095410 tel
00 34 93 4110012 fax

  • Residence right next to urban site

Residencia Torre Girona (Location Passeig dels Til•lers, 19 08034 Barcelona Telephon: (0034) 93 390 43 00 Fax: (0034) 93 205 69 10

  • Map with directions from Metro Palau Reial to the residence
  • E-mail: torregirona@resa.es
  • Price of a single room: 1 month: 652 Euros (room only, without breakfast, you will have a small kitchen in the rrom) + 75 Euros contract for 2008. Additional fees: 12+35 Euros for water and electricity consumption. IMPORTANT: WHEN BOOKING PLEASE MENTION THAT THE BOOKING IS IN THE FRAMEWORK OF 'DAURE'. PRICES ARE MUCH REDUCED BECAUSE WE GET THE RATES FOR UPC UNIVERSITY STAFF, OTHERWISE IT IS MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE. (1 day: Single Monday to Friday 62.5 Euros, Week end 51.5 Euros
  • Another residence (where CIEMAT people will be staying): Colegio Mayor Penyafort-Montserrat. Rate: 35-40 (+7% VAT) /day single room. Address: Avda. Diagonal 643. CP: 08028 Barcelona. Phone: +34 932162700. Url www.penyafort.ub.es ; E-mail administración@penyafort.ub.es

Location and Logistics of Rural (Montseny) Site

  • The rural site will be in the Montseny National park, this map has a general relation of the site with Barcelona
  • Closest vilages to Montseny site are: Santa María de Palautordera and Sant Esteve de Palautordera. Restaurants and accomodation are available also overthere. Montseny is 1.5 h driving from Barcelona and 20 min from the above villages.
  • Water, power, beds, a basic lab and plenty of space are available at the rural site house. Unfortunately the phone landline has been cut and cannot be repaired in time for the study.
  • The local electrician which has worked at the site is Joan Ortega, 608-69-13-21. He has worked most directly with Andres Alastuey of CSIC, but we can call him directly in case of electrical problems.
  • The best mobile phone and mobile internet coverage at the rural site is with "Telefonica / Movistar". Those of you with a GSM phone can buy a SIM card to get in their network.
  • It is possible to get internet access with a USB modem over the cell phone network, however cell phone coverage varies and doesn't always work.
  • We have explored satellite internet but it is expensive (3000 euros for 1 yr or 6000 euros for 3 yrs) so we are not planning on having it
  • There is free (very basic) accomodation with small bunk beds, if you bring sheets and a blanket or a sleeping bag. There is heating and a fireplace but this can not be used to avoid emissions, we also cannot cook. We may bring electric heaters and adventurous folks could stay overnight at the site.
  • We will be staying at Can-Marc Rural Hotel. There is free wifi at the hotel and a restaurant that can provide breakfast and dinner.
    • Rooms are 50 Euros/night for a single or 25 for a shared room. Dinner is 15 Euros/person; Breakfast is 4 Euros
  • The last stretch of road to the Montseny site is still in bad shape (it would be tricky for a regular car). The plan is to have a 4x4 car there all the time, and use a second one to go daily from Barcelona as detailed in this spreadsheet
  • AMS spares from Eiko: spare V301; spare V301 controller (need to check); spare filaments; spare servo; spare chopper motor (need to check); 2 spare MCPs (kept under vacuum in ante-chamber); spare pinholes.

People and Dates

  • Dates for specific people
    • Jose: Jan 31 to Mar 25
    • Mike: 17-Feb through 29-Mar (Arrival: LH 4454 from Frankfurt at 1435, 17/2/2009 - Departure: LH 4485 from BCN at 0820, 29/3/2009)
    • Eiko Nemitz: Arrive 16-Feb --> 21-Feb
    • Chiara (Eiko's group): Arrive 16-Feb --> 27-Feb
    • John Jayne and Sally Ng: will arrive together in Barcelona on Tuesday March 3rd at 9:25 AM. Delta Airlines flight number 9348 coming in from Paris. CSIC (Andres) will arrange to pick them up and bring them to Montseny).
    • People from Innsbruck: Simon Schallharter (24-Feb -->27-Mar); Markus Müller (24-Feb --> 01-Mar); Axel Metzger (28-Feb --> 15-Mar & 24-Mar -->27-Mar).
    • Bill Brune: arrive Wednesday, 4 March, at 14:25 on Northwest airlines 8582. Leaving on Tuesday, 10 March at 11:55 on Northwest 3850.
    • Sanna: arrive March 14 at 12:15 PM and depart March 28 at 9:30 AM.

Instrumentation and Supplies

  • Places to get supplies etc
    • The Swagelok distributor in the BCN area is VCI, Valvulas y Conexiones Iberica, C/ Antonio Caballe 8, Valldoreix 08197 Barcelona. 902-185-185, Fax 902-100-030, email info@iberica.swagelok.com
    • For computer components, two large shops located near the Institute are PC City and FNAC, which are in the Centro Comercial L'illa
    • For harder to find computer components, there is a huge concentration of computer shops ("tiendas de informatica") around Ronda San Antoni (Metro San Antoni, near the old town)
    • For electronics a good supplier is Diotronics which is in Barcelona near the old town (See location and contact info here)
    • The Home Depot equivalent (tools, building materials, etc.) is Servei Estacio, which has stores in Barcelona and Sant Adria del Besos (a little closer to the site)
  • Jimenez group is bringing: PAM + 1 laptop, switching valve system (for PAM) + 2 laptops, SMPS + CPC (no charger), multicomponent box of boxes, DustTrak
  • Eiko's group
    • HR-ToF-AMS will be shipped on 9 Feb to the attention of Xavier Querol at CSIC. It should take 4 working days.
    • The software has been updated.
    • Also shipped: spare V301,4 spare filaments, 2 pinholes, spare MDI diaphragm, a nafion dryer, 4 Charles Austen pumps, a spare MCP
    • Eiko's group is also bringing a batch denuder for NH3 and HNO3.
  • PSI will bring 2 spare turbo pumps (1 small, 1 large) and spare filaments for sure. For the MCPs, they still have to check
  • Sally Ng and John Jayne of Aerodyne are bringing a Mini-AMS (ACSM)
  • Innsbruck group is bringing a PTR-ToF-MS.
  • PTRMS Group. Main operator will be Roger Seco (PhD student 93-581-3420 (o)) from Josep Penuelas' group. Other people in the group with PTRMS capability include Iolanda Filena & Joan Llusia
    • Josep Penuelas 93-581-2199 & (2934 Joan LLusia 4670 Yolanda Filella) Roger 3420 Secretary 1312
  • GC-MS Sampling of foliar BVOC emissions of dominant tree species in MOntseny study area (Quercus ilex) will be also conducted by Josep Penuelas`group (Main operator JOan Llusia)

To-do List

  • Will there be analysis of tracers and NMR? (asked PSI on 16-Feb)
  • 2 mobile units fro AQ monitoring booked at local AQ agency, but may be not needed if CSIC's cabins are equipped with instruments for gaseous pollutants (in progress).