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A shortcut to this page is http://tinyurl.com/GVAX-P.

The purpose of this page is to serve as a repository of information and links for the organization of the GVAX Supersite at Pantnagar, India.

Logistical information

  • (move to separate logistics page later)
  • Travel Information
    • Visa: All visas for India are processed by Travisa
      • Passport must have at least 6 months until expiration.
      • Request a 1 year Business Visa.
      • You will need a Letter of Invitation from India. Contact <Williams at aerodyne.com> for details.
      • You will need a letter from your institution. You can use this Business Letter Form.
    • Vaccinations: CDC Recommendations for India
    • General Advice: So You're Going to India for the First Time Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
    • Accommodations near Pantnagar:
    • Air Travel:
      • Amon Haruta notes:
        • "The Delhi-Pantnagar flight now flies every day (departing from Delhi at 13:35, arriving in Pantnagar at 14:35). The return flight departs at 15:10 and arrives at 16:10. Please remember to check the schedule when it gets close to your travel time; I’ve seen those times change with very little notice."
        • "As for the U.S.-Delhi flight(s), going through Frankfurt will get you in Delhi after midnight, while taking the Newark-Delhi direct flight on Continental will get you in before 9 p.m."

Meteorology at Pantnagar

(per http://www.weather.com/weather/wxclimatology/monthly/graph/INXX0096 and the nearest city with climatological averages reported, New Delhi which is at similar elevation, 250km to the SWW of Pantnagar)

  • Temperatures:
    • January is the "coolest" months, with February and March becoming warmer. Never drops below freezing.
    • January: Average High/Low temperature: 66/45 F
    • February: High/Low daily temperature: 74/50 F
    • March: High/Low daily temperature: 84/59 F
  • Precipitation:
    • Jan-March is in the dry season - expect very little precipitation: ~0.5 inches/mo (monsoon season doesn't start until June)

Reference Information