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This page is a repository of information for the participation of the Jimenez group in the SHARP Field Study in Houston, April 2009.

This page is maintained by amber.ortega at

Logistical Info

As you know we are going to Houston. There are two websites for the project:, and Jose asked me to work out the accommodations ASAP.

Mike, I copied you on the email to PSU/ARI, inquiring about sharing housing/cars. We need to complete a TA request ASAP. I will work on mine tomorrow while at the airport. The speedtype for Houston is 1545548 (and if that is used up, it will be 1541496). I'll forward you my TA, once it's complete, so you can use it for yours.

We will need to arrange shipping as soon as we get all the boxes from DAURE. I just emailed DELTRANSA, asking when we can expect the rest of our shipment from Spain. Shipping to Houston, we will send the two PAM-related boxes, the other 6 boxes we sent to Spain, the instrument, and any additional boxes that go with HIAPER. Jose requested our shipment is in Houston at latest AM on April 13th. I won't be in Boulder until very late on April 8th; hence, I will not be available to help shipping out. I apologize for not being around during this hectic time of preparation. Let me know if there is anything I can do remotely to ease the process.

Shipping Address

Moody Tower
University of Houston - Moody Tower
Residential Life and Housing
Operations Department
4401 Wheeler
Houston, TX 77004

Attn: Carlos Villarreal / Amber Ortega
Room 18
office: 713-743-6070
cell: 713-206-7921