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This page serves as the schedule for the Atmospheric Chemistry Supergroup meetings. The shorcut is

The format of these meetings is:

  • 2x 1/2 hr presentations of research from two different people
  • Followed by happy hour on the Hill with anyone interested
  • The presenters are volunteers, but we strive to have representation from all the groups in CU Atmos Chem.
  • If you have suggestions for the organization, or are interested in presenting, please contact Jose or Anne.

Summer 2021

  • Thurs, 27 May 2021, 4-5 PM - Supergroup:
    • Marla DeVault, Ziemann group, "Nitrate radical oxidation of monoterpenes", and
    • Barbara Dix, de Gouw group, "Analysis of NOx emission and formaldehyde formation in U.S. oil and gas production regions using satellite data"
  • Thurs, 24 June 2021, 4-5 PM - Supergroup:
    • Henning Finkenzeller, Volkamer group, Iodic acid formation in the atmosphere, and
    • Zachary Decker, Brown group, "A Novel Analysis to Elucidate Spatially Resolved Heterogeneous Oxidation Applied to Phenolics in Biomass Burning Plumes"
  • Thurs, 22 July 2021, 4-5 PM - Supergroup:
    • Kevin Jansen, Tolbert group, "Ozonolysis of Brown Carbon Aerosol"
    • TBA

Summer 2020

  • Thurs, 28 May 2020, remote only, 4-5 PM:
    • Julia Bakker-Arkema, (Ziemann Group), "Kinetics and Equilibria for the Multiphase Formation of Peroxyhemiacetals",
    • Henning Finkenzeller, (Volkamer Group), "Oxygen-oxygen collision induced absorption: A workhorse in the spectroscopic exploration of the atmosphere"
      • Followed by remote trivia (BYOB)
  • Thurs, 25 June 2020, remote only, 4-5 PM:
    • Aroob Abdelhamid, (Browne Group), "Nitrogen Incorporation in Biogenic Aerosol and its Effect on Aerosol Volatility",
    • Tianshu Chen, (de Gouw Group), "The Implications of Volatile Chemical Products for Ozone Chemistry in Los Angeles",
      • Followed by remote trivia (BYOB)
  • Thurs, 23 July 2020, remote only, 4-5 PM:
    • Zhe Peng, (Jimenez Group), "Evolution of OH reactivity in low-NO volatile organic compound oxidation investigated by the fully explicit GECKO-A model",
    • Bart Croes, CIRES Sabbatical Visiting Fellow, "California Research on Methane Super-emitters"
      • Followed by remote trivia (BYOB)

Summer 2019

  • Thurs, 30 May 2019, S274, 4-5 PM:
    • Shelly Miller (Miller Group), "Lung function and respiratory symptoms in low income urban homes: association with infiltration rates and neighborhood typology"
    • Theodore Koenig (Volkamer Group), "Detection of iodine in the lower stratosphere. Multiphase chemistry and implications for stratopsheric ozone."
      • Followed by happy hour on the Hill
  • Tues, 18 June 2019, W165/166, 4-5 PM:
    • Mark Hernandez (Environmental Microtoxicology), "Peroxide Enhanced Inactivation of Airborne Microbes"
    • Jennifer Berry (Browne Group), "Gas-phase Organic Chemistry in Exoplanet Atmospheres"
      • Followed by happy hour on the Hill
  • Weds, 24 July 2019, S274, 4-5 PM:
    • Mindy Schueneman (Jimenez Group), "Indirect Methods for Determining Aerosol Acidity"
    • Barbara Dix & Joost de Gouw, "Analysis of satellite remote sensing data of methane and NO2 over US oil and gas production areas"
      • Followed by happy hour on the Hill

Summer 2018

  • Thurs, 24 May 2018, W166, 4-5 PM:
    • Natalie Kille, Volkamer group, CU Boulder: The CU SOF Instrument: Sources of Methane and first Application to Study Wildfire Emissions
    • Zach Decker, Brown group, NOAA/CU Boulder: Wildfires at Night: Field Inspired Studies of Dark Oxidation in Biomass Burning Plumes
    • Followed by happy hour on the Hill
  • Thurs, 21 June 2018, S274, 4-5 PM:
    • Lucas Algrim, Ziemann group, CU Boulder: Effect of Keto, Alcohol, and Nitrate Functional Groups on SOA Formation
    • Matt Coggon, CSD NOAA: Deodorant, Cleaning Products and the Virtue of Smelling Bad: Investigations into Emerging Sources of Air Pollution from Consumer Chemical Products
    • Followed by happy hour on the Hill
  • Thurs, 19 July 2018, W166, 4-5 PM:
    • Benjamin Nault, Jimenez group, CU Boulder: Secondary Organic Aerosol Production from Local Emissions Dominates OA Budget over Seoul, South Korea, during KORUS-AQ, Abstract
    • Aroob Abdelhamid, Browne group, CU Boulder: Measurements of Positive Ambient Ions in Lamont OK as Part of the Holistic Interaction of Shallow Clouds Aerosols and Land Ecosystems (HISCALE II) Field Campaign
    • Followed by happy hour on the Hill

Summer 2017

  • Fri. 26-May-2017, 4-5 pm, S274:
    • Prof. Joost de Gouw: "Further analysis of CalNex observations"
    • Dr. Jim Roberts (NOAA CSD): "On-line measurement of Total N and Total C of Laboratory Prepared Particles"
    • Followed by happy hour at Owsley's Golden Road on the Hill
  • Fri. 30-June-2017, 4-5 pm, S274:
    • Julia Lee-Taylor (Jimenez Group and NCAR): "Using the GECKO-A explicit chemistry model to better understand lab and field observations",
    • Jay Kroll (Vaida Group): "Photochemical Formation of Sulfur Aerosol",
    • Followed by happy hour at Illegal Pete's on the Hill
  • Thu. 20-July-2017, 4-5 pm, S274 (followed by happy hour on the Hill)
    • Megan Claflin (Ziemann Group): "Products and Mechanism of Aerosol Formation from the Reaction of β-Pinene with NO3 Radicals: Role of Oligomer Formation",
    • Ted Koenig (Volkamer Group): "Bromine and iodine measurements in the tropical Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere (UTLS)".
    • Followed by happy hour at Illegal Pete's on the Hill

Summer 2014

  • Thu 12-Jun-2014, 4-5 pm, S274:
    • Shang Liu (Ziemann/Jimenez Groups) on "Preliminary Results of Indoor Air Field Study"
    • Rob Wild (Brown Group) on "Reactive Nitrogen Partitioning and its Relationship to Winter Ozone Events in Utah."
    • Followed by happy hr at The Goose on the Hill.
  • Tue 15-Jul-2014, 4-5 pm, S274:
    • Allison Reed Harris (Vaida Group) on “Effect of the atmospheric environment on the photochemistry of pyruvic acid”
    • Dr. Barbara Ervens (NOAA ESRL/CSD, and CIRES) on "Oligomer formation in the aerosol aqueous phase: Mechanism development and model studies."
    • Followed by happy hr at Half Fast Subs on the Hill.
  • Thu 21-Aug-2014, 4-5 pm, S274
    • Presenter from Tolbert Group (title TBD)
    • Eleanor Waxman (Volkamer Group) on "Salting-in and Salting-out: New concepts for Multiphase SOA formation from small OVOC"
    • Followed by happy hr on the Hill.