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The Time-of-Flight Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (ToF-AMS) is a second generation instrument for the real-time measurement of size-resolved aerosol chemical composition. The ToF-AMS is commercialized by Aerodyne Research, and was developed by Aerodyne in collaboration with Tofwerk AG, the Jimenez Group at the University of Colorado, the Borrmann Group at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, and the Coe Group at the University of Manchester.

It is based on the highly successful design of the first generation quadrupole-based system, the Q-AMS. The ToF-AMS differs from the Q-AMS in the replacement of the quadrupole mass filter, with a custom designed Tofwerk time-of-flight mass Spectrometer.

Note that the information in this Wiki and associated web pages is provided here with the hope that it is useful, but this is a volunteer project, and we cannot guarantee that everything is correct and up-to-date. Please contact Aerodyne directly to obtain the latest information.


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