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Developing New Inhalable Aerosol Vaccines

Funding: Aktiv-Dry LLC, FNIH, NIH and the CIRES Innovative Research Program

The Global Health Group of CIRES is led by Robert Sievers and Stephen Cape, with the participation of CIRES graduate students, David McAdams and J’aime Manion and an undergraduate, Nisha Shah. Further continued progress was made in the development of needle-free delivery systems for vaccines and pharmaceuticals that take advantage of microparticles for inhalation immunization, or, following compression into small pellet lozenges, can be administered sublingually under the tongue.  Read more about our projects

Media coverage of our work:

CBS News: Inhalable Measles Vaccine Seen as Treatment Boon

University of Colorado: New Inhalable Measles Vaccine May Lead to Vaccines for Other Diseases



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