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This page is a repository of information for planning the 2nd AMS Data Analysis Clinic Meeting in Boulder. A shorcut to this page is

IMPORTANT: Please RSVP (names, affiliations, snow day info, etc.) on this (open) google doc so we can plan food and schedule accordingly

General Information and Location

The results of the feedback survey for the meeting are here.

The people who should attend this clinic are those who are directly doing (or are VERY involved in directly supervising) AMS data analysis of field of lab data. The clinic will be much less useful for PIs who are not directly involved in data analysis, or for people who are just starting to learn about the AMS but haven't done serious data analysis yet.

The dates will be Mon Feb 22 to Thu Feb 25. We'll start Mon @ 9 am, so people should fly in the evening before (Doug and Manjula promised to fly in the night before too). We plan to end on Thu @ 5 pm, and we will organize skiing, snowshoeing and other activities on Friday for people who can stay an extra day, so please plan your flights accordingly. As planned, this is "out of phase" with the AMS Users Meeting and the heavy Fall meeting season (AAAR, EAC, AMS Users Meeting, AGU...).

There is no registration fee, but please let us know if you are coming to plan food, coffee, tables, power, internet, etc.


  • This is a downloadable map that you should print before the Clinic
  • Monday 22 - Thursday 25 we will be meeting in the CU rec center here
  • Thursday the 25th will continue in room E1B20 in the CIRES building if meeting time runs past 5pm. here
  • Daily schedule: Breakfast set up 8:30, people 8:45-9:00. Meeting starts @ 9am. Break 10:45-11:00. Lunch @ 12:30-1:30. Break 3:30-4:00. End at 6 pm.


  • Visiting us - Link to transportation (from Airport and within Boulder)
  • A google map with hotel, meeting room, dinner locations and walking paths here

More information will be posted in this Wiki as it becomes available.


The structure of the 2nd Clinic is 4 days, not just focusing on high-resolution, but rather on:

  • day 1: UMR issues, SQ, CE, RIE, spectra comparisons...
  • day 2: PMF
  • days 3 & 4: HR issues, elemental analysis, HR-PMF + errors etc.

The content will be determined by the interests of the participants, and the schedule can be adapted as needed.

Subtopics to be discussed (pls add or let us know of suggestions):

Day 1

(8:20 -- Ingrid meets participants at Millennium to walk to CU Rec Center)

Day 2 - Finish UMR issues & PMF

  • ARI-Sponsored Dinner Antica Roma
    • Arrive at 7PM
    • Location: on the Pearl Street Mall between 13th and 14th streets, across from the courthouse, in downtown Boulder. Picture

Days 3 - HR

Day 4 - Finish

Day 5 Play in Colorado

  • For those wishing to extend their trip to ski, snowshoe, or enjoy some outdoor activities, some CU folks can help plan something fun.


  • We have reserved a block of 20 rooms for Sunday February 21, 2010 through Friday February 26, 2010. At the Millenium hotel in Boulder. (Address is 1345 Twenty-Eighth Street) Boulder, CO 80302).
  • The group rate for a double bedded room is $109.00 per day.
  • Reservations can be made by calling 303.998.2480 or 1.800.545.6285 and refer to the AMS Users meeting or confirmation code 1002UNIVCU
  • Reservations can also be made online here and receive the same group rate.
  • The group rate is offered 3 days prior and 3 days after the room block that is reserved until the hotel reaches an occupancy of 80% so if you plan on staying after the clinic has finished making an early reservation may be beneficial.

Snow Day Information

We'll be headed up to Eldora. They have alpine (skiing, snowboarding), nordic skiing and snowshoeing - and it's only a quick walk to the bus station...

  • Transportation is via the N bus, which leaves the downtown Boulder bus station (Walnut & 14th) at 0810h and 1010h. Mike Q will meet folks at 0745h in the Millenium lobby to walk up there on the Friday morning. Buses return to Boulder from Eldora at 1517, 1637 and 1737h. The cost, in exact change, is 4.50USD per direction. See the bus schedule.
  • Alpine
    • Lift tickets: Full day: $65
    • 1/2 Day Lift ticket(after 12:30pm): $53
    • Rentals
      • Gear: $49 (ski or snowboard), telemark $42
      • Helmets: $10 (Delphine considers them non-negotiable, but technically they're not required)
      • Clothing: $35 (jacket + pants)
    • Lessons
      • First timers: $99 gets you a 4hr lesson + lift tickets + gear rental (ski or snowboard)
      • Intermed/Advanced lessons: $109 gets you a 2hr lesson + lift tickets + gear rental (ski or snowboard)
      • Note 'first timer' lesson starts at 9:45am, regular lessons are either 9:45am or 12:45pm
  • Nordic (cross-country)
    • Pass: $19
    • Gear rental: $24 (+ $5 if you want skate skis)
  • Snowshoeing
    • Pass: $15
    • Gear rental: $20

If you want to hang out in Boulder and go for a hike instead, sign up on the google sheet and/or contact Amber, who will direct you to some good trails, etc...

Tentative Attendees

  • IMPORTANT: as of 5-Feb-2010, we are no longer maintaining the list below, but rather are keeping the information in this Google Spreadsheet
  • 1-3. Doug Worsnop, Manjula Canagaratna, Sally Ng (Aerodyne)
  • 4. Donna Sueper (Aerodyne and Colorado)
  • 5-10. Mike Cubison, Delphine Farmer, Patrick Hayes, Ingrid Ulbrich, Carly Robinson, Amber Ortega, Jose-Luis Jimenez (Colorado-Jimenez)
  • 11-12. Qi Zhang, Yele Sun (UC-Davis)
  • 13-14. Sean Kessler, Eben Cross (MIT)
  • 15-16. Roya Bahreini and Ann Middlebrook (NOAA)
  • 17-19. Samara Carbone, Sanna Saarikoski, Risto Hillamo (FMI, Finland)
  • 20. Jay Slowik (Univ. Toronto, Canada)
  • 21. Qi Chen (Harvard Univ.)
  • 22. Someone from CEH, UK (Chiara or Gavin)
  • 23. Axel Eriksson (Lund University, Sweden)
  • 24. Amewu Mensah (Juelich FZ)
  • 25-27. Hugh Coe, James Allan, and Will Morgan (Univ. of Manchester, UK)
  • 28. John Shilling (PNNL)
  • 29. Lea Hildebrandt (CMU)
  • 30. Li Qi (Riverside)
  • 31. Raea Lessard (Colorado-Tolbert)
  • 32. Manuel Dall'Osto, Jurgita Ovadnevaite (Galway)
  • 33. Taehyoung Lee (Colorado State)
  • 34-36. Puneet Chhabra, Jill Craven, Scott Hersey (Caltech)
  • 37-38: Antoinette Boreave and Barbara D'Anna (IRCE Lyon)
  • 39-40: Pete DeCarlo (not sure), Claudia Mohr, and Marteen Heringa (PSI)
  • 41: Lizabeth Alexander (PNNL)
  • 42-43: Leah Williams and Paola Massoli (Aerodyne)
  • 44: Mikinori Kuwata (Harvard University)

Organization Details (for J Group)

  • Tasks during the Clinic
    • Help setting up room the first morning: Michael
    • Posting info + presentations on Wiki: Carly
    • Pick up people up in the morning: Ingrid will pick up the first two mornings
    • Dealing w/ breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks: Ingrid + Carly
    • Person on call for crises and helping people as needed: Michael Lechner, (Amber as Secondary if Michael not available)
    • Friday skiing trip to Eldora: Mike will pick up at hotel at 7:30 for 8:10 N bus. Ingrid will pick up 9:30 for 10:10 N bus

Tasks Ahead of the Clinic

  • Internet
    • We have conference access, will send info on Friday.
  • Michael will prepare detailed map with room # and entrance location. Also signs on all rec. center doors.
  • Refreshments
    • Will have $1500 from CIRES + $1000 from ARI
  • Social activities on Friday
    • Eldora: cross-country, downhill, snowshoeing
    • Get show of hands by email for who will come and who will do what (on Wed of Clinic)
    • Potentially also go hiking (e.g. Gregory Canyon or Mt. Sanitas)
  • Room and setup (all Michael unless stated otherwise)
    • Power strips + extension cords: they will provide, Michael will check that they have enough, protection from tripping on cables. Need 75 plugs, because of large converters that take more space.
    • Tables. Reasonable room for 50 people.
    • Projector: Use theirs, make sure image is as large as possible
    • reserve projector from CIRES
    • Check where we could project the 2nd projector
    • Check how to move dividers so that we can create a partition in the rooms as needed
    • Need a whiteboard or writing pad as large as possible and pens
    • Organize access and signs to direct people to the room
    • Update how to visit our group: Post google maps and PDF with directions (link the one from last year). How to get back to the aiport. (Will print copies for start of meeting) (Amber)
    • Name tags (printed ahead of time)
    • Find out about clickers: Ingrid will find out (CHEM, Athletic Center via Michael, Campus via Donna)
  • Clinic itself
    • rotating and helping users
  • To do
    • Jose to revisit emails about molecules to analyze
    • Once settled on button export for spectral database, ask James to do the same in Q-AMS software
    • Ingrid will ping people about discussing their PMF cases
    • Donna will ping ions list folk
    • Jose will ping database folk + create master volunteering Wiki
    • Ask Eben to give short stand-up on life with and without an AMS (10 min)

Resources for future organization

  • Template for Name Badges .doc