Accessing the Stations Table - Clicking the 'Browse Stations' button at the top of data product map pages will link you to a table of GPS stations producing the current data product. Alternatively, you can scroll down the page past the station map to reach the stations table.

The following diagram describes the features available in PBO H2O tables.

  1. Column Header - Use this to identify column data and to sort the table by ascending/descending column values
  2. Accessing Station Pages - Click on a station row to go to the desired station page
  3. Number of Stations - This displays the number of stations that fit the current search criteria. Initially, this number displays how many GPS stations are producing the current data product
  4. Table Page Navigation Drop-Down - This drop-down displays the current table page. Changing it will cause the table to go to a different page of results
  5. Table Page Navigation Controls - These controls allow you to navigate between table pages
  6. CSV Export Button - This button will save the current results to a comma delimited file
  7. Show/Hide Column Button - This button will bring you to a dialog where you can choose additional data columns to show on the stations table
  8. Reorder Columns Button - This button will reorder the data columns in your stations table. These changes will also affect exported lists of station attributes
  9. Advanced Search button - This button will take you to advanced search options where you can refine station table results based on multiple criteria
  10. Search Dialog - This basic search dialog allows you to search currently visible column values for a user-entered search query
Sorting Columns - Clicking on a column header will sort the station table by that column

Reversing Sort Order - Clicking the column header a second time will reverse the sort order

Accessing Reorder Options - The reorder columns dialog is accessible by clicking the 'Reorder' button located below the stations table

Reorder Column Dialog - The reorder dialog displays the currently visible columns in descending order. The top column will appear at the left of the table and vice versa

Reordering Columns - Table columns can be reordered by dragging the column title to a new position in the column stack

Accessing Show/Hide Column Options - The show/hide column dialog is accessible by clicking the 'Show/Hide' button located below the stations table

Show/Hide Column Dialog - The show/hide column dialog lists available columns and column metadata. Clicking the checkbox to the right of a column name will cause that column to appear in the stations table. Hovering over the 'i' button will display metadata about that data column. Metadata about all available columns can be viewed by clicking the 'Complete Documentation' button located at the bottom of the page

Quick Search - The quick search dialog is accessible below the stations table. Clicking 'Search' will search all visible columns for the search query entered

Accessing Advanced Search Options - Advanced search options are accessible by clicking the 'Advanced Search' button located below the stations table

Advanced Search Dialog - The advanced search dialog provides you with the ability to perform multiple advanced searches at once. For example, the queries below will restrict the stations displayed in the table to those above an elevation of 3000 m and with a grassland landcover type

Exporting the Station List as CSV - Clicking the 'Export' button located below the stations table will save the current stations listings to a comma delimited file. The CSV file will display only visible columns and retain the column order assigned by the user

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