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The Pielke research group focuses on land-atmosphere interactions on the local, mesoscale, regional, and global scales. These interactions include biophysical, biogeochemical, and biogeographic effects. The RAMS model is a major tool used in this research. RAMS has been coupled to two different ecosystem-dynamics models (CENTURY and GEMTM) as part of these studies. Also applied is the CCM3 atmospheric global model from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado. Our studies range from the tropics into the high Arctic regions. Our group has also applied RAMS to atmospheric-ocean interactions, including Arctic sea-ice feedbacks. We have investigated these nonlinear interactions within the Earth's climate system using the coupled RAMS model, as well as simplified nonlinear mathematical models.

Research Themes

  • Climate Variability & Change
  • Environmental Vulnerability
  • Hurricane Modeling
  • Land-Atmosphere Interactions
  • Large Eddy/Turbulent Boundary-Layer Modeling

Research Areas

  • Land-Atmosphere Interactions
  • Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions
  • Climate System Dynamics
  • Nonlinear Mathematical Study of Atmospheric and Climate Processes
  • Large Eddy Simulation (LES) Modeling
  • Mesoscale Modeling

Collaborations/Other Activities

  • Colorado Climate Center, information on the weather and climate patterns of the State of Colorado
  • RAMS, the Regional Atmosphere Modeling System, and atmospheric tool used in most of the group's studies
  • Climate Science, the Weblog of the Roger Pielke Sr. Research Group
  • SGS LTER Shortgrass Steppe (SGS) Long-term Ecological Research (LTER) project

Roger A. Pielke Sr.’s Perspective On The Role Of Humans In Climate Change



What's New!!!

5/29/14 PDF Pielke Sr., R.A., 2014:  Written Testimony for the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Hearing on “Examining the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Process for the Process for the Fifth Assessment Report” May 29, 2014, Washington, DC, 11 pp. Oral Testimony PDF. Questions for the Records PDF. See the video from the Hearing at: http://science.edgeboss.net/wmedia/science/sst2014/FC052914.wvx

9/29/11 Roger A. Pielke Sr., TD Walter Bean Visiting Professor, University of Waterloo, 'Climate Change - Is Our Weather More Violent?' 570 News Radio Interview

3/8/11 Roger A. Pielke Sr.' Oral Testimony to the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power entitled “Climate Science and EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulation" Written Testimony View the Hearing Website

2/9/11 Large dams can affect local climates, says new study Read the paper here.

3/22/10 Reef Tank awards Climate Science Weblog as a Recommended Reading Site.

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8/20/09 Our weblog - climatesci.org has moved! Check us out at our new location http://pielkeclimatesci.wordpress.com/

4/2/09 Roger That! Reef Tanks and Climate Research Read Roger Pielke Sr.' interview at the Reef Tank, the Online Community of Reef Hobbyists.

11/5/08 A broader view of the role of humans in the climate system by R.A. Pielke Sr. was published in Physics Today

10/6/08 The Citizen's Guide to Colorado Climate Change Foundation Report is now available online. View the full report! or the article by Roger Pielke Sr. Global climate models - Many contributing influences.

7/17/08 View Dr. Roy Spencer's ppt from his special seminar entitled Feedback vs. Chaotic Radiative Forcing: “Smoking Gun” Evidence for an Insensitive Climate System?

6/26/08 View Roger Pielke Sr.' testimony presented before Congress at the Hearing on "Climate Change: Costs of Inaction"

05/11/08 The Role of Landscape Change on the Climate System Right Side News article

04/23/08 Is the Earth still recovering from the "Little Ice Age?" A possible cause of global warming. A special presentation by Dr. Syun Akasofu

12/10/07 Beyond Global Warming Noted Climate Scientist Roger Pielke Sr. Rejects the Notion that Elevated CO2 Levels are the Sole Culprits of Climate Change - Read the Ecoworld Interview - View PDF

03/07/07 Course Correction: Pielke Calls for New Direction in Climate Science (PDF)

02/27/07 Everyone’s clamouring to cut CO2 but what does the science say? (PDF)

02/09/07 Voice of America Interview on the Global Warming Report (AUDIO)

07/05/06 Nature has named "Climate Science"one of the 50 most popular science blogs.

3/30/06 The Son Also Rises. Nature News Feature highlighting Roger Pielke Jr. and Sr.

8/26/05 Roger Pielke Sr.'s Official Statement to the Media Regarding his Resignation From The CCSP Committee (PDF)

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