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Upcoming Courses


Past Courses

Spring 2009 ATOC 7500-001 Tropical Cyclones
Spring 2008 ATOC 7500 Mesoscale Meteorological Modeling
Spring 2007 ATOC 7500 Human Impacts on Weather and Climate
Spring 2006 AT730 Mesoscale Modeling
Spring 2005 AT786 Practicum - Human Impacts on Weather and Climate
Fall 2004 ATMO 595E Mesoscale Meterological Modeling - University of Arizona
Fall 2003 AT730 Mesoscale Modeling
Spring 2003 AT711 Microclimate
Fall 2002 AT540 Daily Weather Laboratory I
Spring 2002 AT730 Mesoscale Modeling
Fall 2001 AT623 Atmospheric Boundary Layer

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