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Research Projects

Bijou research site mapFrom Peaks to Prairie »

Two Natural Experiments in Decadal Landscape Evolution, Colorado High Plains and Front Range

River Dynamic ModelsFast and flexible landscape evolution models »

CMG Research - Modeling River Basin Dynamics


Rio Puerco Site PhotosRio Puerco flooding and erosion project »

Modeling the Hydraulic and Erosional Impacts of Riparian Vegetation

thumbnail: mountains in Boulder Creek watershedBoulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory »

Weathered profile development in a rocky environment and its influence on watershed hydrology and biogeochemistry

Chalk view debris flowDebris flows and landscape evolution »

The Role of Debris Flows in Shaping Mountainous Terrain

Bridge across a river in TaiwanTaiwan tectonics and topography project »

Erosional Forcing of Late Quaternary Compressive Strain, West Central Taiwan

Rio Puerco Site PhotosItaly normal faulting and erosion project »

How do rivers respond to growing mountains?

Nate hunts rocksSediment dispersion and fractional calculus project »

A random walker's view of sediment motion and dispersion